Now that seems like an excellent objective in life. On with the captioned images (of female domination).

Femdom pony play with great big whips hurrah
Highly skilled people are the banking industry’s greatest assets, so it’s reasonable when times are hard to sell a few of them off.

Female led marriage money making
What a kind offer.  And they you were thinking that Emma and Laura were man-hating lesbian feminists.  Just goes to show, you can never tell who will be the one to step forward with help.

Cock and ball story
Never mind.  There are only 24 hours in a Thursday, just the same as the other days of the week.

Fake blonde dominatrix in slave husband dreams
A femdom fantasy in a femdom reality.  How about that?

Threatening femdom or just vanilla
I don’t know why I’ve included this one.  Nothing femdom about it.  Is there?

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