Even naughtier words

So, a while ago, I published a post drawing attention to – oh hang on, you want a sexy picture don’t you?

Got one right here…hold on a moment…don’t go off to tumblr yet, ah – here we go!

Ouch.  Anyway, I was just saying that occasionally I like to draw attention to the fact that this blog doesn’t just publish pictures but words too.  It’s quite a while since I wrote many stories, but in the early days on Contemplating the Divine (it was originally all in ASCII format incidentally; quite a challenge) there were lots.  And newer readers of the blog might not realise that.

Of course, they’re easy enough to find using the ‘fiction’ tag in the cloud to the right there, just below the lovely lady with the whip, but I like to be helpful (my name is a clue, there) so here are some links to some more of those early tales.

If at first you don’t succeed.  A rather typical “Mistress Valerie and Sandra” story, based on two ladies I used to know (who had different names).  Light-hearted, depending for humour and erotic effect on the contrast between the casual nature with which the ladies treat matters that are, for the submissive, of painful urgency.  As indeed do most of my captions, actually.  Anyway, here’s another, about Daylight saving time.

Serena stories, like this one called Crossed Wires, on the other hand, while also intended to be humorous, are rather heavier.  Mistress ‘Valerie’ mistreats her slaves without really noticing.  Serena enjoys their agony. She is also surgically trained; quite a good combination.  I have just written a new Serena story… 6500 words, so coming in spurts, as it were, fairly soon.

I think this one was intended as a Serena story, but she ended up being called Sabrina.  Possibly just an idiotic mistake on my part.  Wouldn’t be the first.

In the morning is just a silly little tale, turning on the difference between the sweeping romantic love with which we sub-males invest our relationships and perhaps a more practical, matter-of-fact approach from our (in this case loving) superiors.

This one is a sort-of school story, but like many of my captions, it’s intended to lift the curtain a little on professional domme relationships.  It’s heavily inspired by a story called Dame School in the wonderful collection by Louise Malatesta: The Queen of the Grove.  If you take your kink very seriously, you won’t like this sort of thing.  But for me, it actually adds to the humiliation that the school scene is not real.  As I explain to pro-dommes gracious (and unlucky) enough to receive me – I don’t want them actually to pretend that I’m a naughty boy.  I’m a middle-aged pervert being treated like a naughty boy… and they are very welcome to express their contempt and amusement at that.

This one, about a femdom programme taking control of the computer, actually seems to get a lot of hits. Maybe it’s the title?  People search for femdom story, and get this?  Good. 

I do quite a lot of this sort of thing – little pastiches of fairy tales and so on.  A bit like captions really.

Finally, I’d completely forgotten it but I wrote a huge, three part tale early on in this blog’s history, about a guy who is living a very heavy femdom relationship, but doesn’t realise it (oh, you’ll just have to read it to see what I mean).  Bizarrely, I remember thinking at the time, this was a nice little idea that could be dealt with in a paragraph or two.    A Normal Marriage Part 1, followed by Part 2, and then concluded with the excitingly-named Part 3.

Right.  If you’ve read down this far, I reckon you deserve another picture of a lovely, don’t you?

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