Ordered relationship

According to Wikipedia’s page on Order Theory: “In other contexts, orders may capture notions of containment.”  Well, that’s certainly true.  There are several types of orders, if I understand correctly, among which ‘strict ordering’ is clearly the best.

Oh, I think we know what Natasha’s going to say. She’s been breaking boys’ legs since she was a teenager.

Sounds like a lot of fun. Get to work!

If everything not OK, there might be some bureaucratic formalities to go through, at the male holding centre.

You have something you’d rather spend 60% of your income on, than the divine Lady Sophia Black?
 Awww no… I went to put in a link but her website has shut down and she is protecting her tweets.  I hope Lady Sophia hasn’t retired from the scene.  She’s wonderful.

She’s gone to all that trouble. The least you can do is suffer for her, hmm?

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  1. Yes as a male you should get to know the local ordnances on how males are to conduct themselves. Not just within ones own nation but internationally. It might well be allowed to go out without a Woman accompanying one but a chastity device on or vice versa but in parts of Deutchland you need both. Another area may require for instance that you not be higher than a Female and have to crawl in that area. Femsup

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