Celebrating difference

First in what might be an occasional series.



just on this one above. In case there is anyone out there who is
considering visiting a pro-domme for the first time and takes this image
to reflect the reality that awaits him and is put off as a result…
well, sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but are you completely out of your
fucking mind?  Seriously.  Do you really take this blog as a guide to
the reality of femdom?  I mean, it obviously isn’t, right?  Quite apart
from the fact that it says it isn’t, some of the material here
breaks physical laws of the universe let alone the bounds of ‘realism’
or even ‘sanity’.  Get a grip.

Sorry, where was I?  Right, anyway: the first domme you visit will be lovely,
OK?  And she’ll do everything she can to put you at your ease (except
for the ‘good’ nervousness, if you know what I mean) – and she’ll be good at that, because she’s done it before, yeah?  And she knows what she’s doing and – oh just book it and go, you’ll have a wonderful time.

Everyone clear about that?  Good. Moving on.

0 thoughts on “Celebrating difference”

  1. Please excuse the impertinence, but you are missing another of the many wonders about your first visit to a femdomme sex worker. Value! After all, he had only scheduled one hour until She saw his need. Generosity is the hallmark of the prodomme.


  2. As ever M2d, the question of impertinence cannot even apply, which is just as well as many consider it unforgivable. Yes indeed, she's generous with her time and of course he's not going to argue about the extra cost.

    Many thanks for your pertinent comment.

    Best wishes


  3. Ah well, I suppose not everyone is going to like everything.

    This was just one of the occasional extra Sunday postings anyway, which are often a little more quirky than the regular fare. So with luck you'll find plenty to look forward to in those Tuesday and Friday posts.

    Best wishes


  4. Just wanted to say I've been enjoying your content for ages, and am pleased you're still experimenting with your content.

  5. Thank you, Puppy, very kind of you to come here and say so.

    I'll confess that I'm always a bit baffled as to why people bother to comment here just to say they don't like something, as the previous commenter did. Not offended, just genuinely puzzled. I suppose I must dislike the majority of content on the Internet but I don't rail against it. Oh well. I suppose we should celebrate difference!

    Best wishes


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