Domestic goddesses


She didn’t actually write all of the lyrics herself of course, but she suggested the basic themes.




Don’t feel bad about the waste of electricity, though: no electricity used by a woman to shock a man is ever truly wasted.



And if you don’t like the red colour, the marks come in purple and black too as long as you go long enough.

The goddess on the left is the lovely Miss Zoe.  The one on the right is not.

She was a spectacularly naughty schoolgirl, I’ve heard.


Well, my arm’s not tired either, so why shouldn’t I?  Honestly, women say the strangest – ah, no, let me go, please Ma’am, don’t!



0 thoughts on “Domestic goddesses”

  1. Okay, the one with Miss Zoe and her fellow goddess – the commentary – made me laugh involuntarily. One would have to assume that these ladies would make men do all sorts of things involuntarily, to be fair.

  2. I DID read the instructions about the shock collar and its battery. She made me do that and tell her how it worked. It said you don't need to completely discharge the battery before recharging – Owww! – and I know I told her that. owww! Owwww! Owww! but if I tell her that now, she might insist that I wear the nipple clamps when we go to the party and I know the battery for those is fully charged. But doesn't she look gorgeous? So proud to be going to the party with her. I wonder who will be with her when she leaves the party.

  3. Thank you Joanna. Yes, I rather think that both of them would prefer things to be kept strictly involuntary – in fact, I have actually had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Miss Zoe and I seem to recall she had quite strong views on the subject. On many subjects, now I come to think of it.

    Good to know I can still make people laugh – it used to happen a lot, when I was on the dating circuit, but less so these days.

    Best wishes


  4. She does look gorgeous, doesn't she Melissa? And I'm sure you'll look lovely too. Don't worry about her leaving the party with some random pick-up – she really only has eyes for one guy at the moment and he won't be there.

    It's important you're both there, though, because Lisa wants you to talk to her Colin about wearing a shock collar. He's got some silly ideas about how it'll be non-stop terror so she thought maybe you could talk to him about how much you love yours. He's just as a bit nervous, that's all – as soon as he tries it, I'm sure he'll be asking for it to be made permanent.

    It's like your lovely comment – started off a bit whiney and complainy, but soon came around to more important and positive things after just a few jolts. You're grateful to be wearing it, aren't you? Of course you are! And nipple clamp electrodes too – what's not to like in that phrase!

    Best wishes


  5. Yes of course it is a privilege to be wearing Mistress collar. I have been wearing it now for nearly a year and Mistress has trained me through the shocks on the collar so that now she rarely uses it and then more to summon me to attend her rather than as a punishment. But her friend Lisa is clearly sadistic. When Mistress showed it to her she delighted in pressing the high level buttons on the controller which had me collapsed and screaming on the floor, much to her amusement. So I pity Colin (btw he was wearing a very pretty pink apron while serving drinks at the party (quite jealous, I will ask him where he got it)). The evening will be quite tense for me because I saw Mistress handing over the controller for my collar to Lisa when we arrived. I hope Mistress gets it back from her before she hooks up with one of the real guys here.

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