It’s alarming how charming she feels

She’s a perfectionist – and you’re a long way from perfect.  Still, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, as they say.




Obviously it’s going to be a bit tense for you, waiting to learn the outcome.  You’ll be able to hear them at it, in the next room, so if you hear her have an orgasm, you’ll know she – what’s that?  You don’t know what your wife’s orgasm sounds like?  Oh.  OK.  Well, best of luck anyway.




He used to practice a hands-on management style, but I expect those days are over now.




What’s the hockey stick got to do with it? Honestly, don’t they teach them how to speak properly in schools these days?


There was something actually but… erm… oh, nothing important.  It can wait.






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  1. Hi, I'm a guy who likes femdom. But I don't really understand your captions, they're too complicated. What thingies? Who is Justin? And is that Slutty Sarah pictured? Can you keep it a bit simpler for us men?

    For example: a Mistress beating the crap out of a sub, with the caption "take that, you bastard!".

  2. I'm a guy who loves comments and tries hard to respond in keeping with the style of the original. But sometimes the comment contains layers of knowing irony that are too much for my poor male brain to reciprocate. It's too much like multitasking and I just have to go off and do a few hours scrubbing floors to centre myself again.

    I might single-task at some point with some more traditional captions, probably in Comic Sans. The one you suggest is good, as is "Lick my boots, you worm!". However, I think I might have an idea for the ultimate caption. I'm still working on the details but the draft text is "Kneel before you're dominate Mistress, loser!!!". Watch this space.

    Best wishes


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