Women at arms

More dispatches from those heroines who fought and won World War M.  They fought for freedom and oppression, for friendship and for cruelty, for their buddies and for the trophies but most of all they fought for that little girl back home who won’t ever have to grow up in a world without male slaves.  

We shall not forget them.











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  1. Keep your head down, boy. There are some mutt terrorists over the hill. We are going to attack soon. Don't worry they can't hurt you as long as you wear your sissy uniform. I know they say nasty, rude things about sissy boys but it's all silly talk. Your safe because we protect our own. After we have taken over their position you can start to interrogate them and find out what plans they have. You are good at talking to them in their mutt language. I would not have the patience.

    Why are you crying, sweetie? Aww don't worry we won't let the nasty mutts touch you. They are only teasing. They talk big but are mainly not into sissy boys. Just go into the holding cell and ask them their names, rank and unit. Get any plans they have and be nice to them. You will have someone with you if you need help.

    By the way, if a kiss helps to loosen their tongues then go ahead. Only if you want to ok?

    Whilst we are waiting can you get us some coffee and snacks. Aww dry your eyes. You are so cute when you are worried. As I told you, no need to be concerned you are on the winning side, honey.


  2. Quite right, Miss Zoe. Those mutts talk all big and strong, but they're still scared little boys inside – an aspect of their personality that the MHUs can help them bring out, should any of them survive the encounter with better-gendered (and, as you note, often understandably impatient) opponents.

    Sissies were the unsung heroes of the war, in so many ways. To take just one example: even in today's hi-tech military environment, a soldier's efficiency depends on having a good, strong and well-maintained pair of boots. Military formations with embedded sissy units have been shown to have enjoyed the best-maintained boots in military history and the difference shows up in the battlefield results.

    Best wishes


  3. Lovely seeing some more of your World War M series Servitor, I always consider it a great day when you upload something related to our heroines (and the somewhat less heroic males that assist them in their righteous cause). Thank you for sharing more of your creations with us.

  4. Oh, males can be brave too, in their own special way. That sissy, shrieking and wriggling about having his thighs smacked for not folding the laundry properly? He once threw himself on what he thought was a live grenade, to save the lives of five marines. OK, it turned out to be baby pineapple and the silly chuckle-head suffered nothing worse than some good-humoured mockery and a good hard spanking to calm his hysteria… but it was a damned brave thing to do.

    Matter of fact, in the last year of the war, the highest awards for male bravery (the 'Good Boy! First class') was being handed out at the rate of about two a week.

    So all those jokes about how it takes bravery on the part of a male to choose not to be a hero in this army are misplaced. Sure, plenty of males gave their lives in minefields or charging tanks with explosives strapped to them because of the fear of the consequences of refusal – but there were plenty of volunteers, too.

    From the hard-scrubbing laundry sissy with aching fingers, to the poor bruised guys taking their seventh beating of the day in the Unarmed Combat Training School… they did their part.

    Best wishes

    Male Auxiliary 4th class Servitor (8th mobile latrine unit, 4th Corps).

  5. You are being modest Male Auxilliary 4th class. I am sure you were sited for holding more liquid than two other members of the mobile units of that Corps and you were given an honorary potty to wear round your neck at that regimental honours ceremony.

    Those who wait open mouthed and serve also serve and are as vital to any of the combat formations that once existed. You saved so much water that would have been wasted on male support units.

    Those Male Handling Units were winning the peace whilst the forward units were winning the war. After all there is still ongoing use of those captured and they needed to be correctly indoctrinated.

  6. Modest? Oh, I just followed orders, you know? Still do, actually.

    I saw and did a lot of things I'd rather forget – and like many guys who came through that experience I'd rather not talk about it.

    You want brave? Brave is the front-line troops: those girls put their lives on the line. And ours too, admittedly, but I'm glad I didn't have to take decisions like that – or decisions of any sort.

    But as you've reminded me, Femsup, maybe for once I'll sign off with my call-sign by which I was known to my comrades in arms.

    Best wishes

    "Oi – you!"

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