Dungeon crawlers


Many subs don’t realise how much work a good domme will put into preparing for a session.  Here, the lovely Lady Jana went to all of the trouble of looking up the translation of an obscure English word – just to make sure his experience was exactly as he had specified – and all he could do afterwards was moan about it.  Well, I think it was that he was moaning about, anyway. 

Another ungrateful subbie.  Seems to be something of a theme today.  I mean, quite apart from the sexual gratification he is getting, the value of all that learning is quite literally incalculable.




Now this one at least appears to have the right attitude: asking nicely, saying please and thank you.  And he has his reward, see?


Don’t worry if you find it difficult at first: the game of ‘fetch’ might appear simple, but it has hidden complexities.  I’ve been playing it together with my SO almost every Sunday afternoon for years now, and I still often get it wrong – as she can readily confirm.



Which is odd, because from my own personal experience (again – and I don’t want to over-generalise, so let me emphasise this is just me): in my own relationship, ‘No’ is about the most reckless and unsafe word it is possible for me to say.





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  1. And if Lady Jana's client(?) victim(?) hasn't enough to moan about now, when Lady Patricia sees what a mess he made laying those paving slabs (one of them is even cracked!) he will probably wish that he was buried under those slabs – but maybe they are all carelessly dropped in place because they have to be lifted each time a slave comes to the end of his usefulness and he will find his way under them like so many of his predecessors.

  2. They are rather higgldy-piggldy, it's true. I understand that the intention was to lay them with a proper foundation, but apparently somebody messed up the concrete mixture.

    Of course, I'm not suggesting that the little bastard should escape punishment merely because it was in no way his fault – that would be ridiculous. Mere innocence is no excuse and I hope Lady Patricia gave him hell. No, I just wanted to note that OWK was actually built more professionally than the sight of those paving stones might suggest, using all of the latest construction techniques with the obvious exception of mechanical, powered equipment, which the Ladies wisely considered unnecessary for obvious reasons.

    Many thanks for commenting so thoughtfully.

    best wishes


  3. Interesting implement being used to mix the concrete. But those ladies were always inventive and often just used whatever came to hand

  4. Very true. And the OWK Ladies were actually pioneers in the use of quick-setting concrete in femdom play – no doubt precisely because they were never afraid to experiment, like that.

    Best wishes


  5. Sometimes I send some pictures to my Mistress Wife. And sometimes I’m afraid to do it, because it seems She will be so much inspired. The electric shocking song is one of the cases…

    1. Good, I hope she enjoys it, Mr exer. And maybe you will too, although that’s obviously much less important.

      Of course, many zappers go up to twenty instead, raising the difficulty of finding rhymes for all those teens from thirteen. I mean, they can’t all be ‘hurting’ can they, even if it is appropriate? And I suppose twenty would be some phrase ending in ‘plenty’ but in practice, it’s only ever going to be screamed incoherently if the singer is even conscious at all, so maybe that’s a refinement too far.

      Do let us know how you get on. There’s nothing like an inspired wife to make an otherwise routine romantic evening unspeakably painful and terrifying.

      Best wishes


      1. Just as I supposed, the inspiration was very high. Our zapper is 1-99 so it seemed to be complicated. But it will be 10-90 … at first.
        That is the idea and I am in fear now, as I get standard 25 usually. The maximum I got is 50.
        Thank You servitor on Her behalf. And personally I’m honoured by Your reply.

        1. The pleasure was all mine, Mr E (and the pain all yours by the sound of it).

          Sounds like you both have a lovely new toy to play with (or, from her perspective, two toys) and if she’s presently not going beyond 50, so much potential for keeping things fresh and surprising in future.

          Best wishes


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