Lip service


Go on – she finally allowed your longstanding request to go around dressed only in a little lacy bra and panties, so what have you got to complain about?




If you’re a maledom, I really encourage to try out a proper, heavy femdom session some time.  Who knows, you might like it – although I hope you won’t.




Hard thinking can be difficult at times… what was the question again?




Trust is important in a relationship but obedience is more important still, especially if you’re wearing a shock collar.




Obviously, as I’ve put up a caption about putting a plastic bag over someone’s head, it’s important to emphasise: please don’t try this at home.  That’s not safe.  Do it somewhere far from home, where there’s nothing that might reveal your identity or connect you to the victim – oh, and always wear gloves to avoid leaving anything for the police forensic analysis.

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  1. It is. But considerably more sophisticated.

    May I just say how pleased I am (being British, I might even say "chuffed") that you come here to comment on the writing, Joanna? Especially as your own blog is all about writing. I mean, I get a lot of lovely, creative comments here about the captions from so many people, and above all my 'regulars',especially Femsup, and I appreciate them all. But I suspect that many of the non-commenting visitors are mainly interested in the pictures not the words – and that's fine, too, of course. But I do actually feel quite… well, 'chuffed', sometimes (not always) with the nonsense I write so it's lovely to have comments so specifically about that. Thank you.

    Best wishes


  2. You are very good at making people feel appreciated!

    But, seriously, the art of a caption is in the language and the words. If it weren't for the added commentary and the clever use of allusion your captions wouldn't be, well, your captions. Indeed, the same is true for any captions – anyone can find pictures, but it takes a skill to meld them with words and phrases that work well.

    THank you for mentioning the writing blog too, it's been an age since I wrote there – maybe as circumstances alter I shall have more time in the future.

    All the best in return,


  3. Very kind of you. I suspect the loveliness of the ladies in the images helps too… certainly helps me.

    Best wishes


  4. Forgive the impertinence, but you may want to reconsider the `not at home` advice. There are a great many cameras about these days in areas that the ladies may not have prompt control of….


  5. A good point, Maid2deny. And there's still not enough acceptance of the natural desire among ladies occasionally to dispose of an annoying, whiny worn-out male for a new one or for a wholly lesbian lifestyle, even using methods that are frowned upon by our rigidly patriarchal society. So, absurd as it might be, they do need to be careful.

    Speaking of societal norms, I have to say I was quite thrown by the implication that there could be impertinence directed at me. I'm all in favour of bending gender norms, but I am technically male even if it is harder to discern than it used to be and I really cannot get my head around the idea that anything said to me could be 'impertinent'. But then there are many things I find hard to understand, and I'm told that the best thing is not to worry my little head about them – I imagine you probably do the same, from your name.

    Best wishes


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