Beauty and some beasts


In some great literature, the characters form lasting attachments. In snip-lit, it’s usually the opposite.



It’s good that he’s supporting her artistic development – and she his.


Trevor’s the one on the left.  You might think, looking at him, that he’s made quite a few ‘noble gestures’ lately, but in fact it’s just that his work shift on the treadmill happened to coincide with Madame Sarka’s turn to be overseer.

Or it might not.  It’s really not going to affect things either way, to be honest.

I think it’s horrible when people abuse riding crops by using them on horses.







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  1. Just shows the breadth of you brilliance with the art installation. You use he language or the art world to perfection. Femsup

  2. Lucia Penrose
    Divorce Settlement, 2021
    Eunuch, vinyl, readymade clothing and restraints

  3. You're very kind, although I think it has to be acknowledged that no one would ever mistake the kind of thing I write on my jokey femdom porn blog for a real write-up by an afficionado of modern art. Mine makes a lot more sense, for one thing.

    Best wishes


  4. Yes: that's it exactly. Did you visit the exhibition?

    But you forgot (or perhaps it was not yet there when you visited) the little red blob to indicate that the work has been sold.

    Many thanks for commenting.


  5. I always enjoy your work and use of language, but I shan't be so crass as to say any more than that. Rightly gaining attention is the art based one, and though I appear to have missed it due to the 'ping-demic' I do hope that we shall get to see some of the pieces re-shown in occasional exhibitions in the future.

  6. Oh, you shouldn't hesitate to be crass, Joanna (not that you ever would be) – after all, being crass has never stopped me.

    Sorry to hear about the ping-demic. I too frequently get told by apps to stay away from other people and avoid all physical contact – but not Test and Trace particularly, just any old app. Browsers, ride-sharing apps… even games. I once tried going into an Apple Store to ask what could be causing it but the 'genius' on duty just took one look at me and burst out in a fit of giggles. Odd, but there you go.

    I understand Ms Penrose is working on a new installation called 'Fucking annoying boyfriend' but I have no more information than that.

    Best wishes


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