She says…

now baby just you shut your mouth.

Not complaining.  It’s just that I usually make it through the first three minutes without one, that’s all.

Try to be reasonable.  She is. She sees good in everyone actually – a rare gift.

Obviously, it’s all perfectly consensual.  She asked for her husband to be beaten. And she’s got a safeword – you know, just in case it goes too far. 
My SO and I are actually playing what I’m fairly sure is the longest game of tease and denial ever right now.  We started on our wedding night and it’s just amazing.  I tried calling the Guinness Book of Records people but they said it didn’t count because I am such a sad little loser.

Downton domination. More of these to come.

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  1. Is this picture from "Downton Abbey"? I don't recognize this person ­čÖü Or it's only Downton's style? I look forward your miniatures about Downton Abbey!

  2. When audiences were asked to press a button at points of program or film in which they felt excited or thought right face slapping by men by Women got one of if not the highest positive response. Speaking of have you seen the promo for "Flack" with an editor slapping a footballers face for puking on her dress as he fell at her feet? Femsup.

  3. It's not specifically from Downton Abbey, true. I've never actually watched Downton Abbey (too much ironing, never enough time). I've heard that many of the housemaids in it are female, which seems a bit weird and I'm just not keen on that sort of unreal fantasy-world TV.

    So… yeah, Downton style. All of them will be, actually.

  4. Yes, I heard about that survey. I volunteered to help out with the subsequent focus group session, which was set up to explore women's reactions to various carefully designed set-ups in which men's faces get slapped, but in the event they didn't call me back.

    Now… off to see the promo for 'Flack' (whatever Flack is…).

  5. Its a TV program about a paper and the boss who manufactures the news. Its on the terrestial channels. Femsup

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