Fail better

I do that. I’m really good at failing, actually. 

A bit of a shame to call in sick – the girls at work recognised you and have something special planned, whenever you’re next in the office.

Marriage is always a learning experience. She’s just determined to make the learning experience a bit more structured, that’s all.

I’ve always tried to use humour to defuse tense situations. On my very first… time with a woman, if you know what I mean, I was very nervous indeed.  Fortunately she burst out laughing as soon as I’d taken my clothes off, and she was still giggling when her taxi arrived ten minutes later. I’ve always been able to make women laugh: it’s a gift.
I suppose that must mean she has a basement too – they’re all the same, the houses on that row. I wonder what she keeps down there?

Funnily enough, it turns out Prop 677 wasn’t even necessary. Enough Californians worship Anne as a goddess for her to qualify for the religious exemption, so she didn’t have to pay taxes anyway. Still: it was a nice gesture.

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  1. I just had a flash of a day dream with me counting President Hathaway's freckles on her shoulder and getting the same number of cane strokes for each one. Hasn't She a film out soon? Femsup

  2. the two ladies in the first two caps really believe in their boys potential

    and President Anne's tax should be covered by the useless males she carried through films that year

  3. I believe she might have a film out soon, yes. What really annoys me, though, is that my local cinema never really gives Anne's films the prominence they deserve. They have 18 screens and there are considerably more than 18 films in which she plays a lead character, but they persist in showing other movies. It's just weird.

  4. That's the thing, you see, boys often have more potential than they realise. I don't know if it's something in the male brain, or whatever, but I think a lot of males actually find that they can do a lot more than they thought they could, once a female shows them the way and provides the proper support and encouragement.

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