Thigh five

… which is obviously a made-up phrase.  Oddly, though, there are many two-word phrases in the English language beginning with the word ‘thigh’ and every single one of them is erotic. Strange but true. 

Unlike, say, the words ‘rancid’ or ‘viscous’, unless you’re really weird and we don’t like weirdos on this blog, thank you very much.

You can do anything*, but don’t wank on my black suede boots. 

* No you can’t.

You might imagine that this young lady is headed for a stellar career as a professional dominatrix, but as things turned out she actually became the head of Ryanair’s Customer Complaints department.  So there you go.

Dave’s need is greater than yours. Well.. his cock certainly is, anyway.
It’s OK as long as I keep my mind off all thoughts sexual
Ocasionally, when I have an idea for a caption, I’ll worry that one of the many, many other femdom caption sites on the Internet will already have done it. This one, not so much.

0 thoughts on “Thigh five”

  1. I'm sure the husband in the caption 3 won't mind to wait a little longer… After all, he was able to masturbate just a few little weeks ago, while Dave didn't fuck his wife since at least 24 long hours or even a bit more… It's must be very difficult for Dave

  2. So simple to d a Capitalist swine getting it but being historically accurate in the Trostkyist Right Deviationist is a real added bonus. But we have come to expect that of you Tovarich. Plus all sorts of other deviants should spend time in her dungeon and like it. Femsup

  3. Ice hockey, Furc? You obviously haven't spent very much time in an English girls' boarding school (why ever not?)! The hockey these girls play is the way its meant to be played, with a ball and a great big hitty stick. Oh – and muscular thighs working away under little pleated skirts, too…

    That particular item in your tumblr doesn't strike me as silly at all, but as an extremely sensible municipal sanitation measure.

  4. Oh, Dave manages all right. He admitted to me that he's not all that interested in sex, to be honest – he really mostly just enjoys her company and only bangs her brains out to keep the relationship alive. Nice of him to think of her enjoyment like that, don't you think? Many men don't.

  5. They could form a radical discussion society, dedicated to the overthrow of the oppressive class and its replacement with an oppressive gender.

  6. Yes I agree, he's a true gentleman. One day he even bought some expensive lingerie to my wife, although he had made a mistake while ordering it because he took my credit card to pay, not his.
    But it's ok, mistakes happen.

    Besides, it was some really nice lingerie, I saw it, not on my wife of course, but while i was handwashing it after Dave left our house.
    By the way, stains of cum are really difficult to wipe off on this kind of textiles.

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