Unrelenting love

Don’t worry: what it lacks in teasing, it makes up in denial.


My gender doesn’t so much sit on a spectrum as cower timidly beneath one.



He’s a bit dim too, to be honest.  Well… thick as two short planks, to be quite brutal about it.  But she doesn’t seem to mind that, oddly.

I think she might have had an idea.

Many women just hate it when important discussions are side-tracked by irrelevant opinions.  My SO has very low tolerance for that sort of thing, which is unfortunate as all my opinions are irrelevant.

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  1. Seriously boys, pun intended, forget the sex stuff, “Girls just want to have fun”.

  2. I’ve gotten a lot of denial as well, lately.
    It’s a progression.

    The “duh, he has a bigger cock” one got me


  3. The redhead is going to sponsor me to where they teach men how to be good boys.

  4. Love the idea of a meeting of the boys held whilst the real, deciding meeting goes on. After they have served refreshments, obviously. Zoe

  5. Glad to hear it, Hank. Your sexuality – or lack of it – should be in service to her. Some wives want sex, others don't – just the luck of the draw, really, but not for us to decide.

    Best wishes


  6. Is she hoping you'll learn to multi-task and be emotionally mature and competent, then, Mr A? I fear she might be disappointed, as most of us males remain hopelessly masculine in these respects whatever happens, but good luck to you both anyway.

    Best wishes


  7. Strike home that one, did it, SaraE?

    Oh well. Just imagine how awful it would be if one were into SPH but actually had a big swinging one. At least my humiliation fetish is thoroughly compatible with my true physical attractiveness. I think dommes find me an easy client, as the utter contempt I pay them to express for me only requires them to say what they see.

    Best wishes and thank you, as ever, for your comments. Now get on with the ironing.


  8. That's nice of her. I hope you'll apply what you've learnt to show your gratitude properly when they let you out. When or if.

    Best wishes


  9. Ah, now if you'll pardon me for saying so, that's a little unfair, Ms Zoe. The boys' meeting is a real meeting too and what goes on there is important. Not as important as the women's meeting, obviously, but quite often boys say interesting things there and on a few occasions the boys' ideas have even been discussed in the women's meeting and affected the real decisions. It's a crucial part of the Party organisation: male party members are valued, within the overall understanding of universal male inferiority, obviously.

    And they do make a lovely cup of tea, too.

    Best wishes


  10. Max, my sissy slave husband, was kissing my stinky feet after I came home from the gym. I lifted 20 lbs for the first time and was really pleased. Max took my gym shoes and white socks off and held my foot as he sucked and kissed the sweat and dirt off.

    ''Good boy. You are getting better at this, Max.''

    This evening there is to be a cheese and wine party for my local Femsuprem Party.

    About 20 women are expected and we will be talking about Health policies of the newly elected government. I am so excited. I will get Max to make his cheese balls as all the women love them.

    He is quite a good cook.

    Now, there are a few questions I have to confront when Max is in the company of superior, Alpha women. Should he be allowed to speak to them, to kiss feet, to be in the room when we are talking complicated and important policies. It is an interesting discussion.

    ''I think Max is such a sweetie I think we should think of him as a kind of pretend girl. After all he is not a man, is he?'' This is Margaret, my friend from college who was with me at the gym.

    ''Hey Max. Are you a real man? Remember what we decided on that subject?''

    Max said he was a sissy man. Not a real man, really, but a good boy. A good sissy boy.

    ''Finish your chores, get Margaret a coffee. Do you have any lemon drizzle cake left? He made it himself Margaret, it is ok, really. Go Max.''

    Max brought in the coffee and cake as I went to have a shower and get changed for the party.

    An hour later and the living room is full of beautiful, Alpha women talking and laughing as Max serves them and keeps out of trouble.

    ''What a good sissy boy you have, Zoe.''

    ''Thanks Amanda, he is a good boy. Hey Max, bring in the cheese balls and hand them round.''

    We talked about childcare and slave protocols and health visitors and pregnancy and whether slaves should be whipped because they haven't been punished for over 3 months.

    It doesn't seem right that just because he hasn't done anything wrong, he gets away with not being reminded of his place with a beating for a massive 3 months.

    ''Well, surely as he hasn't done anything wrong, he should be praised as a good boy.''

    ''He just hasn't been caught.''

    ''I don't know, my sissy never goes that long without being punished.''

    ''Hey Max, kiss my other foot, stupid boy.''

    ''Yes goddess. of course, goddess.''

    The party was a great success.


  11. Gentlemen, tell me and show me in many little ways how desirable you find me. Keep doing it without acting on it. You might be surprised by the results.

  12. Yes Holly. I have a lot of feminine warmth to give to the deserving gentleman who makes me feel so desired. But a lot of men don’t seem to know that. Sad.
    Betty T

  13. Men, I’m your worst nightmare. I’m an ice woman. I’m cold inside. However I am very seductive. Weak men are falling all over me all the time. I just use them for what I can get. Then I toss them out.

  14. I know I’m moody unlike you guys. Nevertheless my sweet femininity has lots of guys attracted to me. They mostly just try antics in an attempt to get me to love them. I know I’m delicious to them. They just want to take my love, they do not really give me love. However, a man that focuses on giving me love instead of trying to get love; now there is a man I can love.

  15. S- thank you. Ironing it is!! Is just a moment, anyway 😉
    Gosh, having a large cock and being into sph… I’d never thought how difficult that could be. Your mind is talented!
    I used to think I was normal size. Even a major girlfriend said it: “My little man. Everything is in proportion.” Of course, I’m only 5’6”. I wasn’t worried by that. Of course, it hurt when she left me for a big guy. 🙁
    The internet has since shown me the truth… I can’t compare to most guys. (Of course, they’re video stars, right? ). But the truth is there. Probably just as well I prefer panties and string Females.

  16. Sounds like a delightful gathering, Ms Zoe. Frankly, I can't imagine the 'three month rule' being anything more than a theoretical possibility for your little Max. Although that said, when my SO established my chastity regime, I'd understood the phrase 'no less frequently than' to encompass the possibility that things might happen more quickly than the specified limit, and in the event that never happened, so who knows?

    Thank you all for your comments.

    Best wishes


  17. Goodness me. Myself, I'm mostly cold all through but that's because of my SO's approach to saving on the household energy bills while she's out at work.

    Best wishes, both.


  18. Thank you Holly

    Yeah, men don't get moody. It's partly that we're less complicated than that, it's also that it's called 'being sulky' and it's on the don't you dare' list, in my (her) household at least. Complex emotions are for women, we'll just have to make do with strong and simple ones like love and terror, preferably at the same time.

    Best wishes


  19. You know, Hank, there are whole swathes of femdom practice in which 'getting nowhere with women' (fast or very slowly over an extended period of time) is kind of the point. Sounds like you're getting it for free, you lucky thing.

    Best wishes


  20. Femsup here.managed to negotiate the technology or it really was a case I couldn't reply at least anonymously. The meetings for the Bois aren't all about making better pleats in their superiors skirts but helping them to understand their inherent inferiority.

  21. Male incompetence with technology is just going to be an increasingly obvious fact, as the world becomes ever more sophisticated and complex. I think those who prophesy a world in which there are no jobs for men, though, have forgotten the simple pleasure so many women take in watching males sweat for hours over some menial, repetitive task. As long as there are things that need licking clean, there'll be a need for males.

    Bois who are too dim to understand inherent inferiority can at least learn to accept it. That's the main thing.

    Good to have you back.

    Best wishes


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