Oppressive domesticity

…it’s the best sort.

Some wives can be so possessive… probably best to humour her.  Maybe she’ll get it out of her system some day.

Looks like she needs to make a choice.  You’re her husband, that should count for something, surely?

Wouldn’t want it to be too easy.

After a busy day’s housework I once asked my SO what she’d do without me – I mean, I can’t imagine her doing the ironing or the washing up!  “Get another one, just like last time”, apparently.

Well, I’m glad she had a proper massage.  My own masseur seemed to have entirely the wrong idea about what I was after – left me feeling quite stiff and sore, to be honest.

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  1. I only have an urge around my fertile time. It’s nature’s way of getting babies made, you know. Otherwise I have no interest in sex. However, if I’m in love, I feel my man’s arousal and that makes me aroused. I do also need my man to feel my feelings. Then it’s an emotional connection. It’s Love Making. WOW!!

  2. Yes, eunuch husbands make good servants for lesbians.
    You other men better have long sweet cocks for when and if we want to use them. Otherwise we’ll keep them locked up as picture one is symbolic of.

  3. Why are women always using and abusing me? In the words of the famous song: “I can’t get no satisfaction”.

  4. My man gave me such an emotionally touching response, that I feel all warm all over on a cold day.

  5. It’s embarrassing how my Wife does construction and electrical things around the house, while I put in a load of laundry or something.
    It gets worse when she tells people about that.

  6. Emotional connections are essential, Ms Holly. My own SO prefers her companions to feel emotions such as terror and read, but each to her own, I say.

    Best wishes


  7. Locked away, either safely in chastity or more securely in her trophy cabinet. Nothing symbolises castration quite so effectively as actual castration, I believe.

    Of course, I would not want to contribute to the stereotype of the castrating, man-hating lesbian. Lesbians certainly don't have to hate men, and few of them have ever castrated anyone. Equally, many straight women have castration fantasies and some have been self-empowered enough to act on them. It's all just about being who they truly are, regardless of any labels society might try to impose.

    Best wishes


  8. In my case, they only use and abuse me on the rare occasions when I pay them to do so, Hank, so I'm not sure I feel your pain there. But I hope you do find some satisfaction eventually, or at least find a way to satisfy someone else.

    Best wishes


  9. A lovely image, Ms Holly, and one the naked prisoners shoveling snow at the OWK would appreciate too, I am sure.

    Best wishes


  10. Lots of ladies enjoy fiddling around with electrical devices, SaraE. My SO certainly does: some of them are for using on me, others she uses on herself.

    I do hope she offers your laundry services out. It's just a kind little service she could extend to her friends, lovers, casual business acquaintances and others. Plus, it's good practice. they say 10,000 hours really concentrating on something makes one an expert, and hand-washing and ironing aren't exceptions.

    Best wishes


  11. Thank you, S. I’m always impressed and humbled by what my Wife (a physical chemistry major) knows about all sorts of things here. She fixes things that perplex me.
    I would gladly work in service of other women if She wanted to offer me. I’d definitely be humbled by that. I sometimes wonder what things She tells her friends. But it’s a secret between them!

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