A good hard marriage

… that’s what most men need.

She’s getting mixed signals here.  Fortunately, the ones she’s giving are entirely consistent.

Thank goodness for that.

My own SO avoids this problem by only fucking guys who despise me.  Fortunately, that doesn’t restrict her freedom of action at all.

Honestly, given the choice between fucking her and fucking you, it’s hard to see how anyone could prefer not to play it straight.  But some guys have weird sexual preferences.  I’ve heard.

Actually, I have a funny story about a pair of masturbation gloves and some nettles.  Well… it was funny at the time, anyway.  For her.

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  1. 1st caption:
    Times have changed. What was he expecting after mouthing off in front of her friends about males having "rights"? The right to not be disciplined? The right to travel freely without his wife's supervision? Not even a permit? The right to deny his wife sex? My penis, my choice? Such nonsense. Surely, you'd think he would expect a firm, HARD marital reminder across his cheek for this foolishness. But his short sightedness shows exactly why most men do indeed need to be put firmly under control of a woman.

  2. We women get such joy, have such fun in being hard on you husbands. You know it

  3. I was chatting over coffee with one of my old school friends, Linda. She is worried about her husband, Dave, and his tendency to give his opinion on any subject without permission. I have been with Linda in her designer kitchen talking about the latest fashions on sale in Primark, when Dave will come in and comment on Trump or the energy crisis or something. I find it quite disturbing. How can a sissy husband think he can have unauthorized opinions.

    If it was Max, my sissy husband, he would be slapped to correct his behavior in front of my friend and then caned later for gross rudeness. It makes me so mad.

    ''So, what has he done now, Linda?''

    ''Well, as you know we had a dinner party last week. Thanks again for the bottle of wine, Zoe. Afterwards Dave was clearing away the stuff when he said he thought what I was wearing was a bit short and he didn't like me chatting so much to Brian. Can you believe it? I mean, Brian is a Surgeon and has such funny stories to tell.''

    ''You are welcome for the wine, honey. Are you still f***ing Brian?''

    ''Yes, of course! Do you think Dave is jealous?''

    ''He may be. Does he know about, Brian?''

    ''Well, he is here when Brian comes round and we go upstairs, so, yes, he definitely knows.''

    I think Dave was completely out of order. He shouldn't talk about a superior man, and he shouldn't criticize Linda's dress. She is such a beautiful woman. My advice to Linda was to speak to Dave when Brian comes visiting and get him to worship him. To kiss his feet and ask to be allowed to serve and obey him as a superior being. Then the correct relationship will be established between Dave and Brian.

    Linda thought this was a great idea and now they all get on so well.

    Max just asked me if I have a boyfriend, now that I split with my old one.

    ''I'll tell you when you need to know. Now finish cooking supper, Brian and Linda are coming soon.''

    ''Where's Dave, goddess?''

    ''Dave will drive them here and wait in the car until it is time to take them home.''

    ''Can I take him out some pie?''

    ''Ask Linda if it is ok, when she gets here.''

    Such a thoughtful sissy.


  4. We wives are thrilled by: babies, children, family, turning a house into a home, social fun, and emotional connection to close friends. You husbands are just a cog in the machine to fulfilling those wifely desires of ours.

  5. Holly, you are so wise. I love babies and children and family and all the things you say. I love your comments on here. Zoe.

  6. My man should desire ME, desire me above all else. He stays desiring me through time. He’s bold in always wanting me. He’s daring in expressing his emotions of desiring me. I melt. I give him what he craves. Sex is not love, but an expression of strong emotional connection, intimate closeness.

  7. Quite so, Squawneworder. A husband who cannot take a few firm slaps in public shouldn't have got married in the first place, in my view. They should incorporate a few good hard belts across the cheek into the marriage ceremony in my view, to set things off on the right path.

    Best wishes


  8. All semen belongs to women? Perhaps. In that case, though, my own SO is extremely generous with her property as it usually all ends up with me, one way or another. Just the other day, I received the contents of eleven condoms (no one should feel a threat to their manhood from that: there were three guys involved). I didn't want much breakfast after all that.

    Best wishes


  9. Thank you, Ms Zoe

    Dave sounds quite odd. Not only for the speaking out of turn, but interrupting a discussion of fashion by talking about the energy crisis. Most sissy husbands would take quite the opposite approach, if they were so tactless as to speak at all.

    Linda sounds determined to get him on the right track, though. Quite apart from making use of Brian's talents, she might want to consider taking Dave to see a specialist. There are those who specialise in submissive males and I think Dave could benefit from an intensive course of treatment.

    Best wishes and thanks as ever.


  10. Well, now, that's quite ambiguous. There's mistress in the sense of owner and mistress in the sense of unmarried lover… Of course, sissifying a husband sets a wife up quite nicely for both.

    Many thanks for commenting.

    Best wishes


  11. That sounds very wonderful Ms Holly, but I hope you're not – in the words of Dolly Parton – givin' all that love to just one man. Or givin' all that opportunity to love, anyway.

    Best wishes


  12. My wife wondered when she found me in bra and panties. She actually has gotten used to me being more helpful around the house this way, though. SaraE

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