The imperative mood

“The imperative mood
(often referred to simply as a command) is used to express demands,
instructions or requests. We usually use the second person (plural or
singular) with an unspoken “you” for the subject.” sez Learnenglish. The ‘you’ is indeed unspoken, although sometimes She substitutes other words to refer to Her servitor.

The grammatically correct response to the imperative mood is the submissive mood.
Ludicrous, unrealistic fantasy. Who’d pay $2500 for a male?

What’s that? You’re guessing ‘mandatory gender sensitivity training’?  Well, sure, maybe that too, that too.


I don’t see the point of these fancy electronic monitoring systems.  A sturdy 20-foot length of chain has always done the trick in our (actually Her) household.

Here’s a clue: whoever it was lifted the seat. So it won’t be Raoul for a start: he never does,

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  1. I be what ever answer Tim & Chuck give will be in a high falsetto voice. I think the nearside male is still to phallocentric ( yes even without a phallus) and is hiding his lack of a bulge. He should be proud that he has put the Women owned company first. Femsup

  2. if your wife isn't enforcing an early bedtime and other firm boundaries the marriage will fail

  3. He's very proud. Look at his face. He is finally the number 2 in the company – and number 2 he will forever remain.

  4. Indeed, although I understand progressive mariage guidance counsellors can help couples put together a rescue plan, involving a lot of corner time, line-writing and – obviously – physical incentives.

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