Hurtful thoughts

I think writing lines is a ridiculous and pointless, tedious activity and there are few things I hate doing more than writing lines for hours at her command.  I told her that just the other day.  500 times, in fact.

I did an interview once. Check it out if you want to find out about the real Servitor, behind the leather mask.  Don’t read it if the thought of knowing the real Servitor makes you nauseous.
Ooh – looks like there might be a consciousness-raising session coming on!

There wasn’t much to begin with.
I often have ‘plenty to complain about’.  Regretably, I’m not allowed so it all goes to waste.

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  1. I know the real servitor as a thoughtful, humerous deeply thoughtful person who even in his sumations of what we find so alluring about dominant Women still retains his faith in humanity. Who else would come at the subject with thoughts of workers rights eve as he makes sure the males are denied them. Show a progressive thinking person. Femsup

  2. He sounds like a great guy. Sadly, he got fired from the blog years ago and his place was taken by a sequence of unpaid work-experience interns, writing it according to a set of well-rehearsed and increasingly tired scripted lines. But I'm sure the real Servitor isn't far away – in fact, there's a rumour he's down in the cellar with all the other former writers of this blog – so if and when this intern gets 'retired' and 'taken downstairs', I'll be sure to pass on the kind thoughts.

    Have a great 2019, Femsup!


  3. Excellent as always Servitor (from a long time watcher first time commenter). Funnily enough wooden rulers are very much a thing for me – painful and implicitly judgey…many thanks, smamfa

  4. Very glad you delurked, smamfa, welcome to the comments and thank you for such a kind first comment!

    Yes, wooden rulers are definitely my thing too. I love hand discipline, not least because it allows you to look your Mistress firmly… well, OK, not so firmly, it allows her to look you firmly in the eye while administering discipline.

    You know, there's a Samantha featured in tomorrow's post – Samantha Janus, by coincidence. And Janus is a spanking mag. It's such a small world.

    Keep coming back – and a happy new year to you.


  5. Yes being made to stare into the eyes of one's Mistress is so lovely. Cruellest sessions are the ones where I'm deprived of the chance to admire her

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