Happy Boxing Day, Paltego

Following a subtle hint in a reply to one of my comments on his wonderful Femdom Resource web site: here as a special, extra Boxing Day present for Paltego are some ‘turning point’ captions.  Of course, I’m not doing this just because Femdom Resource is a leading source of traffic for this blog.  It’s one of two leading sources, about equal with Google.  So Paltego’s blog is no more important than Google.  Hope that puts him firmly in his place.

Turning points.   Here are some more.

I hope this has worked out better than my subtle hints to my SO about what I wanted for Christmas. Oh well.  Maybe next year… or there’s my birthday.


0 thoughts on “Happy Boxing Day, Paltego”

  1. Ha! That's awesome. Thanks Servitor.

    I particularly enjoyed the first one featuring the lady with the wooden ruler. The final unknowing suggestion of the wallchart really makes that one work for me. A nice moment of balance and potential.

    Interesting to see I'm vying with Google for traffic. Most of my life – professional and personal – seems to involve fighting with Google, so amused to see it happening here as well!

    Thanks again!


  2. You're very welcome. Actually, I wasn't going to do a 'turning points' post for a while, as although I had these in stock, I felt they were a bit same-y. As they are, but I still quite like them and I'm glad you do too.

    Look out Google. Especially as the other big tech firms seem to have more women in positions of authority, which is surely a prerequisite for success in the complex modern world. I mean, men are all right in their place – you just don't want them running anything important.

    Have a great 2019.


  3. Thank you, Tom. I try not to be too tiresome (except that I'm actually working on a set that deliberately are.. you'll see… some time whan it's ready).

    Have a great 2019. Hope tumblr goes spectacularly bankrupt.


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