New year, same old nonsense

Just, more of it than usual.

It’s not that special.  Chocolate log with a couple of profiteroles, basically.  I could do that. I don’t see why they need such a big carving knife for it, either.

There are few surer ways to keep the romance of marriage alive than doing your wife’s boyfriend’s laundry, and picking things up around his apartment.
And they say there are no jobs for men in the modern workplace!  There will always be shoes, I say and I don’t think we’re going to be seeing them cleaned over the Internet any time soon!
Probably.  Or some other reason.  Does it matter?

Don’t worry – they have a solar charger, so it’s very environmentally sound.  Anyway, no one could seriously consider it a ‘waste’ of electricity to shock a man’s testicles, could they?  It’s what electricity was invented for.

Mmm…. Sounds like there’s a heavy session in store!  And without even having to pay!  Well… not pay directly, anyway.
You can claim compensation from the airline, I expect.  Then get another one.  A nuisance but hardly the end of the world.  Except for him, obviously.

I’m hoping to develop a bead-sorting fetish.  Hasn’t happened yet, but there are many, many long nights ahead of me so there’s plenty of time.
I wish my wife would let me have a weekly allowance… imagine, money of my own to spend on whatever I want!  But she says I’m not ready for that kind of responsibility and she’s probably right.
Or maybe next year.

The delightful Mistress Eleise, the best view ever to appear through a periscope, here to round off this bumper holiday bonanza of… you can supply your own word beginning with b. 

And… just to finish off, a little found femdom starring the fabulous Emily Ratajkowski.
I recommend Mr Pinniped’s channel more generally, actually.

I hope all the female readers (OK, both the female readers) of this blog have a lovely 2019 and the rest of you have the miserable, soul-destroying time you so richly deserve and secretly crave.

0 thoughts on “New year, same old nonsense”

  1. Thank you Furc. More turning points on, ooohhh (goes off and leafs through his files)… 25 January. And that isn't long to wait, is it? Is it?

    In a different context entirely, I once suggested to my SO that a whole month was too long to wait, and she gigglingly told me that it wasn't as long as six months. And do you know what? She was right. She usually is, actually.

    Have a lovely, furry but meat-free 2019.

  2. The cellophane and the suitcase looks familiar. You don't suppose that British spy that managed to die in one a few years ago and lock it up from the inside might have possibly met these two lasses. Femsup

  3. "Oh how awful – however did your poor late husband manage to get himself locked into a suitcase like that?"

    "Ermm… he was a spy, actually. Yeah… yeah, that's right. I think he was hoping to be smuggled into North Korea. Disguised as a French maid… All very hush-hush of course."

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