Kept men

(we don’t talk about the discarded ones).

Another 2% fantasise desperately about it not happening, or at least not so often and not quite so hard.
Featuring the lovely and no-nonsense Miss Cassie Hunter, the Hunteress.
Right.  It’s about time all this nonsense stopped – I’m going to put my foot down. In fact, I’m going to stamp my foot – hard.  Several times.  And I’m going to to have a proper tantrum.  That should show her she can’t treat me like this.
Their faces usually fall again when she goes on to inform them that she will therefore proceed to the next thrashing, for the next item on her list.
I once asked my SO if she could feminise me, but she just laughed and said she’d love to, but I don’t have the IQ to make a convincing woman.
She cares a lot.

By the way, not ‘found femdom’ in any meaningful way, but over the break I’ve been watching episodes of 90s British sitcom Game On and perving ever so slightly to the lovely Samantha Janus and especially her relationship with the character Martin.  I watched it occasionally at the time it was broadcast and it’s as weird and spectacularly depressing as ever, as the basic set-up is that Matt – a neurotic, agoraphobic narcissist – rents out rooms in his flat to Martin (a wimp) and Mandy (a goddess!).  Martin is a virgin desperate for sex, while Mandy is frustrated with her life and hates herself for sleeping with so many men.  But (da-dum), the only men she absolutely will not have sex with are the other two characters.  With Matt, she refuses and pushes him away but with Martin it obviously never even occurs to her to have sex with him. There’s a lovely scene in this episode (intended to be the first ever, although they varied the order of broadcast), in which her latest boxer boyfriend takes up her whole bed, so she snuggles up with Martin, who lies there with an erection the whole desperate night.  Here, starting 16.22.  Ahhh…

So, yeah, not in any way femdom.  Except that Samantha Janus is quite literally a goddess and I for one intend to found a religion in her honour.

She is notionally Samantha Womack these days, but I’ll be hunting down Mr so-called Womack and forcing the blasphemer to change his name to Janus, as is only right and proper, so don’t worry about that.

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  1. Samantha Janus was and remains amazing. Funnily enough i remember the show though i was new to these shores then and didn't see them all. But i do remember Martin was seeing a lovely Irish nurse at one point. After she dumped him he was lamenting her ways, one of which was to write things on him in biro. Which fell on fertile ground…

  2. "…can you imagine any woman wearing that? I can't" – unusial, original switch of habitual theme, Servitor! May be good central idea of large story about future.

  3. She was, is and does. Yes, I too remember watching some of Game On, at the time. Samantha Janus aside, it's a bit depressing though.

    My SO likes writing on me, but she prefers a scratchy old nib-and-ink pen to a biro. She's got quite a few old-fashioned ideas like that. I joked once that I should be grateful she's not using a hammer and chisel and she just smiled and said I should indeed.

  4. Thank you. I have featured dommes mocking femdom conventions in the past, though – and this was intended to be in that theme. We are, after all, rather absurd, even to those prepared to deal with our obsessions…

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