Financial liabilities

Oh hi, Mr Travers. Do come in.  This is Emilie Haskins – one of my colleagues
who works in fixed-income products.
Thanks for dropping by. 
Look: I’ve been thinking about our last consultation.  I’d like to apologise for…maybe over-reacting to some of the little jokes you made.  As you said: you’re from
an older generation and I expect ‘in your day’ it was perfectly normal to
compliment a woman on her legs.  Not your fault if you’re a ‘leg man’ is it?  As you said.  And as you also so rightly said, it was partly my own fault for wearing quite such a short skirt. 
Just so as long as you remember that I’m your independent
financial advisor, not a ‘lovely bit of skirt’ as you so… amusingly
described me, I don’t see why we shouldn’t continue to have a business
All right then, Mr Travers, if you want to put it that way!  As well as a lovely bit of skirt.  Goodness, the jokes never stop with you, do they?  Such fun.  Anyway: to be a bit more serious, we’ve identified a customised financial product that
we think is just right for you!  Haven’t we, Em?  
If you’d like to come and sit down – I’m afraid there’s only one chair, but Emilie here can perch on the desk.  As long as you don’t mind her looming over you like that?   No?  Didn’t think you would. Right then.

Now: this financial product.  It does
take some active management, so you’d need to come and see me and Emilie about
it… ooh at least once a month.  Or we could even visit you at home, if that’s easier for you?  Would
that be OK? Great.
Do you want to hear more about it…? I’ve got a 37 page brochure
here, just erm… excuse me Em, would you mind shifting your legs?  Yes: here it is.  So, you could take it away if you like and…?  No?  You OK with just going ahead and signing?
Mr Travers?  Goodness, you were miles away there!  I was saying: shall we just sign?  Great. 
Right: sign there. 
And there.  Sorry, I’ll make some space here on the desk next to Emily’s legs so you can sign.  Just there. No: there, Mr
Travers.  You won’t sign in the right
place unless you look at it, will you? That’s it.  This one’s for the bank: initial every page
and sign at the bottom. Super.  That’s
right, just leave the bit saying ‘Beneficiary’ blank: we’ll fill that in.   
And there’s another… oh, Emilie’s sitting on
it!  Mind out Em!  There we are – if you could just…?
Yes, I suppose you had better sign it while it’s
still warm! I warned you he was a joker, didn’t I, Em?  Goodness, Em… you look like you’re about to burst with laughter right now – but you have to keep that under control, OK?  Like we discussed.  Until the business is all settled.
Don’t mind her, Mr Travers. She’s just got a very lively sense of humour – just like you!    Anyway: you sign there, look: below where it says ‘Waiver’.  And again, under where it says: ‘Power of attorney’.  Brilliant. 
Great.  Well… I think
we’re done.  Unless you have any more
savings you haven’t told me about?  Right
then.  Well, I think you’re all set for
the financial future you most certainly deserve, Mr Travers. 
Oh – that’s Em bursting out in giggles again! You’ve certainly put her in a good mood, Mr Travers!   And I’ve enjoyed our chat too: it’ll be an absolute pleasure to take care of all your money.
We’ll call you in a few days, to
explain a thing or two, once all the funds have been transferred, OK?
Bye now! 

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  1. I think you've got Emilie to thank for the hotness. Financial advisors are basicallu just legalised findommes anyway.

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