Desperate househusbands

Oh dear… the guys are sure to laugh at me now.  I mean… ‘LUT’.  Doesn’t mean anything does it?  How ridiculous.

I’m told that masturbating to porn can seriously diminish the male libido over the long run as well, so you just keep on doing what you’re doing, ‘k?
Actually, only one of them is going to be kissing in a very special place. Just after this conversation, the Mistresses decided it would be one orgasm between them, not one each.  But no jealousy, sissies – play nice!
My SO is very good at dealing with feelings of guilt, too.
Edwardian femdom. There’s not enough of it about, in my opinion.

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  1. Really, cold bath, ice and birch rods – all what needs for bedroom duties! But birch rods enough! ­čÖé

  2. You can tell that the woman in the second picture hasn't owned any men before. It can be tricky to explain science to boys — they just don't have the mentality for it — and using words like "libido" doesn't help. You need to use common words in simple sentences and check every so often to make sure you haven't lost them. Or you can decide you don't care if they follow your reasoning so long as they follow your orders.

  3. Yes just because they are saying "yes Maam" all the time doesn't mean they are taking it in. Yes Maam isn't that right? Femsup

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