I’ll get some nuts

Is this femdom?  Works for me.  But then, like at least 80% of the male British population, I adore Olivia Coleman.


But I’ve only got one – after that thing with Angie last week. Oh… go on then.
It’s actually a grotesque stereotype that gay men molest straight men in public lavatories.  Also, most gay men aren’t attracted to guys in little maids’ dresses.  So: you’re safe on two counts. But you can have the butt-plug if you want to be sure.  Or if she decides it might look funny.

You need to be careful online, though.  My SO once took up what She thought was an offer of a fit young 22 year-old guy and She found Herself the owner of this rather unattractive 52 year-old.  She was quite cross with him for lying like that, so of course when She later tried to get rid of him , he was badly damaged and She ended up having to send him to landfill.  I’m not saying people shouldn’t sell themselves into slavery online, obviously, but they need to take some care, that’s all.

That’ll be two us without a choice in the matter, then. I wonder who does decide these things?

There’s nothing so relaxing as knowing you can scream and thrash hysterically in fear and pain as much as you like.  Time to hand over control.

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  1. so good especially Taylor

    war was good but scary please some big President Anne post for xmas


  2. Oh, nothing to be scared about, Furcoat. Those horrible male supremacist insurgents are all a long way away, and there are plenty of strong, clever women with plenty of guns, tanks and aircraft to make sure they can never come and try to take away your frilly things or force you to make your own decisions in life or any other of the ridiculous things they believe in. You don't really imagine that a bunch of men could ever seriously hope to overturn the natural order of things, do you? No, I didn't think so. So you just get on with your chores and let the girls worry about the war, OK?

  3. I think the slaves of the singer will have rubbed away parts of their body thinking about their upcoming slavery to her (or so they imagine) just before they lose them in the leper colony. I think we CAN sleep soundly in the knowledge the Women are looking after things. Of course it will probably be whilst bound and laying on the floor at the foot of Her bed.

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