They did their duty

More dispatches from our heroines, the veterans of  World War M. Those mutts have a lot to answer for.  Never forget, never forgive.

And just for the history buffs, here’s a short exerpt from an interview recorded about two years before the War broke out. Who would ever have thought we would have cause to be grateful to Chinese hackers?  Goddess only knows how the war would have gone had the mutts had an air force.

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  1. Yes, these new aircraft are awesome. We have top Engineers looking after them and then sissy mutts looking after the women. Pardon? No sissies can't be Engineers, of course not. Men are so clumsy and cannot remember complex instructions, you know?

    They are sweet but they can't be Engineers, that would be against there nature.

    This aircraft has the new laser guided missiles on board. They can be deployed five miles from the target and be programmed to strike a mutt carrying water for the rebels. Hit water and you hit rebel males where it hurt.

    Pardon? Who is this mutt serving us? He is a foot slave. His job is to look after the foot needs of a group of five Engineers. Bootlicking, foot worship, ass cleaning. Is he good? I don't know, I guess he is or he would not be serving.

    Oh look an aircraft is taking off, you must come and watch. Awesome.


  2. As a boy I always dreamt about being in the Air Force and washing the uniform of a real fighter pilot, when I wasn't imagining myself househusband to a firewoman or astronaut. Nothing wrong with having dreams, but we all have to grow up eventually. Except hard-core ABDL perverts with a lot of money, I suppose.

    Best wishes


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