Devotional images

Squirm in front of two lovely lesbians
Isn’t it nice to be the focus of attention by not one but two lovely ladies?

Slovakian slavonian slovenian let's call the whole thing off
Slab psiček!  (possibly)

femdom caption oh no please don't stamp on my face!
…and then thank her afterwards, of course.

Yummy muddy boots
I’ve alwsys assumed that’s a British-English phrase, but Kurt Vonnegut uses it (his critics can take a flying fuck at the mooooon!).  Oh, sorry, aren’t you here to read about etymology?

Stocks and fair shares femdom caption oh you know the rest
Maybe one weekend, if she’s feeling kind, she’ll move it so it faces outwards?  But she’s not known for feeling kind.

3 thoughts on “Devotional images”

  1. Well, I agree (and there's been a great discussion of all of that on Lady Grey's blog lately).

    But I'd draw a distinction between being icily ignored and being thrown out with the garbage. The latter is something of a hard limit for me.

    Very nice to have to have you here. Love your stories.

  2. I agree with MR Giles English.I too,like the "cuckolded by a lesbian" scenareo.And i like the idea of being ignored by the women unless they needed a drink fetched or thier sandals fetched or removed.

    I have always had the fantasy of losing a wager to a lesbian friend and having to live at her house for a week as her "slave".and having her and another lesbian friend invite my girlfriend and her best friend over to subtly seduce them by casually ordering me around and showing thier dominance over me. And having to serve them food and drink as they casually and shyly flirt..

    And having my girlfriend gush over her new female crush as she watches her casually order me to fetch thier sandals so they could go out on a date. Fo rme the thrill would be the humiliation of slowly watching her be seduced by the fact that our lesbian friend would assert her power by having to kneel in front of them wearing only a pair of shorts and an apron and acknowledging her superiority over me.

    the humilation would come from helplessly watching my girlfriend lose respect for me because of my new staus and helplessly watch as she fell and her friend fell in love with our two lesbian friends
    I also like the public humiliation aspect of her female friends being told about her female lover and my new status as servant. And them congratulating her on her new relationship and being treated as a household servant while they cuddle together and entertain guests at a dinner or pool party.

    Or them having a ceremony where thier relationship and my staus was made official before a crowd of gleeful female friends.Where my girlfriend's new lesbian lover would symbolicaly show her superiority over me and celebrate her defeat of me by stripping me naked before the laughing crowd of women and having me kneel naked and submit to both her and my girlfriend by kissing both of their sandaled or barefeet .

    [ I did used to have two lesbian friends that used to joke about stealing ,my then girlfriend ,away from me because she was so cute. They used to joke that i could do the laudry while they "entertained" her in thier bedroom .This never happened of course.They were only joking[or at least half-joking] But This was when i first started to have these types of fantasies]

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