Give us this day our daily…

…captioned images of female dominance, obviously.  What else did you come for?

Actually, it’s a little unfair using religious imagery because if you Google ‘contemplating the divine’ and similar, you get mostly religious sites.  Anyone here looking for theological discussion and staying for more than 30 seconds is going to have to recite 999 Hail Marys as penance.  And speaking of penance…

I womder what she's going to do with that whip
A wonderful Cruella photoshoot that I first saw as an impressionable teenager.  The text was very heavy indeed as I recall, involving castration.  Just look at that expression.

Femdom wife might allow release but lets not overdo it
Regular orgasm is supposed to be good for the health, so maybe she could fix on a three-month rota?

male maid scrubs the toilet probably with a wartm bottom
I admire the care and attention this male maid is giving to ‘his’ work.  Possibly a warmed bottom involved?

Goddess Lexi and Mistress Sidonia.  Now that’s a scary thought.

Captioned image of OWK ballkick - ouch
As in “Were I to make an error when trying to speak Czech, I would be kicked in the balls.”  Or “If I weren’t such a stupid pig, I wouldn’t have to be left chained outside all night.”  Conditional tense.  Very useful for reflecting on consequences.

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  1. I think Mark made plenty of mistkeas ad is psaying fot them as a maid..) Stil, he probably likes his uniform..)

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