Begging her pardon

Like many submissive husbands, I have a lot of uncomfortable conversations.  Apparently it’s good for me, though, so I can’t complain.



Don’t say anything to make her think less of you, as she takes her leave of you – she is trying very hard to keep her vow to love you until death do you part.




The younger generation of female supremacists are less militant, more comfortable in their dealings with the opposite and inferior sex.  I think that’s great.




Can’t you tell she’s tired?



Actually, she does rather mind but she’s too kind-hearted to refuse her.





0 thoughts on “Begging her pardon”

  1. Males need to take a more active part in their subjugation. Its not just imposed from above but enabled from below. As inferiors we still have ideas to contribute towards keeping us down. Femsup

  2. Quite right, Femsup. Too many lazy males are content to allow their superiors to do all the work involved in crushing their spirits and correcting their faults – it's just take take take for them.

    Best wishes


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