Sexually impermissive

She is technically a sex worker but then what you are doing is not technically sex, so I think it’s really up to her.



You could try giving her just a little trouble.  Just to test that wrist action. 




Yeah, it’s not a sexual thing for him.  Or for you, as you’ll discover.




I had a very sheltered upbringing – so much so that I was still a virgin when my second wife divorced me.









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  1. Well it looks to me – but how would I know – that they have spent that time upstairs together scribbling on each other's arms with some felt tip pens and the reason they look so cross – because they do look cross, don't they – is because when they got in the shower they found it didn't come off. Hope they didn't get any of that ink on those towels. Guess who will get the blame when they don't come clean in the wash. Better get on with the dinner anyway.

  2. Women can be hard to understand, probably because they're cleverer.

    I'm not sure what the ladies in the photo were doing either, but it must have been fun as there was a lot of giggling and gasping. Perhaps they'll let me in on the joke, some day.

    Best wishes


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