Indifferent ways of loving

Oh well, at least she’s finally taking an interest.




‘Getting annoyed’ is something the OWK ladies are quite spectacularly good at.  I understand it’s listed on the application form for the job.




That’s reassuring.



Oh dear, what a terrible tragedy.  The poor thing.  She’d only just started to get over the previous one.

Let’s hope they don’t go too far.  These things can easily get out of hand.


0 thoughts on “Indifferent ways of loving”

  1. That would depend which photo you mean, Mr Unknown. Not that I necessarily know the origin of any of them, though. I surf around, I download and when the muse strikes me particularly hard* I write a caption. But tell me which and I'll have a go.

    Best wishes


    * 1000th use of that feeble 'muse striking me' joke on this blog! We should celebrate with a cake, or something.

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