Blonde justice

And if she gets what she wants, you might get what you want.  Or you might not.





Erm… oh, I’ve got one!  “What do you say to a blonde disciplinarian with a tawse when you’re strapped across her ugly whipping bench vaulting horse?  Nothing: you just scream and cry out hysterically in between gasps for breath!”  Well… she finds it funny.  Mildly amusing, anyway.




She doesn’t want to, and yet…





Don’t worry – she’s very imaginative, so it’s only going to be on the rarest occasions that you’ll have to fall back on the boring old trope of male ejaculation.


I’d expected this was going to lead to an uncomfortable conversation but it seems she’s decided to skip the conversation part.


0 thoughts on “Blonde justice”

  1. Do you think now would be a good time to mention that her heel looks like a chair leg?
    – Maid2deny

  2. You're fooling no one but yourself, Tom. You're developing a fetish for them, it's obvious. Embrace the kink. Join an old-fashioned gym.

    Best wishes


  3. Would now be a good time to comment on her fashion choices, Maid2deny? Now: the very second after she told you that she'd like you to concentrate on thinking about how to be a better husband?

    Do you know, I don't think it would?

    Maybe later, when you're grovelling at her feet thanking her for the lovely afternoon outdoors.

    Best wishes


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