Attention Trump voters

Yes, you.  There must be some that read this blog. According to Google (admittedly part of the tech libtard conspiracy, so who can believe their numbers, right, I mean they’ve got like percentages and everything and who can understand that?) many “readers” of this blog come from the US of A.  Most of those “readers”, I’m willing to bet, are male or at least notionally so.  Submissive males probably tend more toward the other political party, as its policies place more emphasis on caring and nurturing and rather less on “grabbing ’em by the pussy” than the current Republican leadership.  Nonetheless, statistically speaking, at least a few of you are likely be planning to vote for Trump, even though compared to many pornographic blogs out there, this one does occasionally use long words so you probably find it quite hard to understand sometimes.

So: this particular post is addressed to you.  Hi there!  This is for your attention, as likely Trump voters (where the word ‘attention’ basically means ‘lookit’ and ‘voting’ is the thing where morons like you, for reasons that must have made sense some time to someone, have a say in choosing who runs the most powerful country on Earth.)

Anyway, I myself have no stake in the presidential election, partly because I don’t really believe in males voting, but mainly because I’m not American. Yes, all this time you’ve been looking at sexy pictures and failing to get most of the jokes on a blog written by a durn furrener.  And you can’t even chant ‘Send him home!’ because I already am.  Sorry.

So it’s none of my business.  As it happens, my own political views lead me to be somewhat reluctant to support a candidate who endorses a platform of “grab ’em by the
pussy”, whose every former colleague calls him an idiot and a crook, who has been selling the country’s interests out to brutal dictators and through incompetence has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of his fellow citizens while suggesting they inject bleach as a cure but that’s just me.  People are entitled to
their own political views, no matter how moronic and deluded they

And I suppose it would be constitutionally improper for me to seek unduly to influence anyone’s vote. So, without in any way making a party political point, I’ll just note that IF the Harris/Biden ticket wins today (or is declared to win later, not on the night itself, which is a perfectly normal outcome in elections in lots of countries and no reason to abandon 250 years of democratic principles and anyway what the hell is the deal with the TV networks being the ones who ‘call’ who has won before the votes are counted?) this blog will reward the American people by celebrating “Take the nuclear launch authorisation codes away from the orange-skinned narcissistic science-denying buffoon week”, with three extra captioned images every day, for your amusement.

Three a day for a week, Trump voters. Think of that. How many’s that in total, you ask? Well.. let’s just say it’s more than you have fingers and toes… unless you’re from some particularly in-bred rural community.  ‘Nuclear’ means the same as ‘nukillah’, by the way, it’s just the libtard way of spelling and pronouncing it.

But we don’t get to celebrate “Take the nuclear launch authorisation codes away from the orange-skinned narcissistic science-denying buffoon week” if he ‘wins’ re-election, do we?  No we don’t.  Glad we had this little chat.

I’m just, y’know, putting it out there for people to decide, as someone likes to say.

Anyway, here’s the usual stuff.


I suspect it’s his fault: he’s not trying hard enough. Perhaps she could help him focus.




Tell me what? What is the point of captions that don’t go anywhere?  Now I’ll be getting more complaints from anonymous commentators.

Sounds like Annie’s been very reasonable.  Which is odd, as she isn’t usually like that, especially where men are concerned.

You are going to be seeing quite a lot more of this goddess with the innocent wide eyes, as I’ve just found a web site devoted to images of her and given many of them the good hard captioning they deserve.

Notice how the caption delicately makes sure it is understood that this image involves neither incest nor under-age sex.  As they always will – if you see a captioned image here and think ‘OK, so that must be his daughter, right?’ you’ve mis-understood and it isn’t.

But they do it for our sakes, bless ’em.

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  1. The Chinese text on the first picture means "magnificent queen from Paris, France".

  2. You could make a credible threat to cut my balls off if Biden loses, and I still wouldn't vote for him.

  3. I really love your website. Too Bad you don't see what the democrats are trying too do to our country and all Trump has done to restore it to its greatness. They kill our babies up to birth, they take god out of our schools and they want to take away our energy independence. Donald Trump has done more to bring back our economy than any other. Stick to your website.

  4. I didn't actually want to offend anyone with this. OK, that might seem an odd and hypocritical thing to say, as the post is obviously written to be highly offensive and sarcastic. But that's the style for this blog, which after all is not intended to be taken terribly seriously.

    My objections to Trump are not really political but personal. Obviously, there are strong Republican supporters and people who hold conservative political views and they have a right to those views. My concern, for what it is worth, is that Trump is a charlatan and a con-man – and he has conned the conservative moment. He has abandoned core Republican principles of limiting government borrowing and supporting NATO and other democratic allies. His personal life shows his contempt for family values and I think his pro-life and other stances that appeal to Christians are entirely cynical. Frankly, I doubt he believes in God in any meaningful sense. He certainly shows no signs of Christian charity, humility or forgiveness. He seems petty, vengeful and self-serving.

    Biden is not my ideal candidate but he seems to be a basically decent human being. As was Obama, as were both Bushes, Reagan… Clinton we can debate… but Trump seems to me way outside any norms for being a normal, decent human being and were I an American, I would not be comfortable explaining to my children he was leader of my country. I don't share Republicans' political views, but I do regret that they have allowed him to corrupt their party and I suspect that they will regret that too, once everything has calmed down.

    Oh – and I'm actually not in the UK. I'm in France – and I quite like our President (many French people don't!).

    Right, serious messaging over, back to the nonsense. As of now, no victor has been declared so ‘Take the launch codes’ week is postponed, but there are good signs and I hope it will yet come to pass.

    My best wishes to all of you.


  5. My wife votes for me, so I don't have a dog in this fight. I do think she voted for Trump, in part because she has been in an awful mood yesterday and today. If she did vote for him, I'm glad. If it's worth anything, I don't think she keeps up with this blog.

    If the election gets declared for Biden, I hope you go on with the posts. I'm sure blowing your wad early is not new for Servitor. But this contest clearly won't be over until the electoral college votes next month.

  6. The Annie caption is one of the best captions of this website and of femdom captioneering in all the internets.
    It would be wonderful to have the privilege of seeing more posts like these, i.e. female supremacist man-belittling power assymmetry delivered so sweetly.

    Thank you for all these years of excellent work!

  7. You just got the tiniest taste of what the rest of us Americans have been dealing with for the past four years, and will likely be dealing with for the rest of our lives… a voting population entirely divorced from reality. They literally don't seem to live on the same planet, or recognize the same laws of nature. I'm starting to think they have a kink for authoritarian fantasy, so it's no surprise they came out in your comments.

  8. Get over yourself, sailorsalt. Anybody (I'm talking about you here) who arrogates the status of "reality" to his political views is automatically going to see people all around him who are "divorced from reality." The world does not revolve around you and your liberalism.

    Furthermore, you are not a real man and your penis is too small to satisfy anyone.

  9. And so she is. Regrettably, speaking as someone who actually lives in Paris, France, she seems to spend more time in Hong Kong but I am keeping an eye on her schedule and waiting frantically for 'le confinement' to end.

    Thank you for commenting, you cunning linguist.

    Best wishes


  10. And you get to vote for a woman, too, Tom. Albeit one whose libertarian principles seem to extend to opposition to slavery for men, which is taking things a little too far for me, I have to say. I mean, liberty's great but one has to have a sense of proportion.

    Best wishes


  11. All of this has taught me to stay sway from politics on this blog, I think. Which was fairly obvious, but in my defence I'd point out that I am male (mostly) and rather stupid.

    I make exceptions, of course, for the rosy visions of the Femsuprem-oriented Hathaway Presidency (now delayed to 2024 at least, alas) or the brutal totalitarianism of the 'another world' series (which might be happening sooner than you think, but don't worry your little heads about it).

    Male politics, however, is deeply unpleasant and I'd rather the blog maintained its focus on happier topics like torture, humiliation, brutality and shame. Why bicker about an election, when we can all instead take innocent pleasure in the thought of some guy strapped to an operating table, shrieking his desperate pleas of terror and agony as the cruel knife descends towards his quaking testicles? For example. I'm sure that's a vision we can all get behind.

    That said, 'Take the nuclear launch codes' week will eventually happen if they ever actually get aroud to declaring Harris elected as VP. Promises made must be kept, as my SO never ceases to remind me.

    Best wishes, all


  12. Very kind indeed of you to say so. I am considering entering it in the next annual Internets awards in the 'gently menacing femdom porn' category.

    Of course, having a lovely wide-eyed goddess to inspire me helps… as I said: we will be seeeing more of her. By which – it should hardly be necessary to add – I do not mean we will be seeing more of her body (the image above already comes close to displaying more than this blog is usually allowed), I simply mean we weill be seeing her delightful clothed form more frequently.

    Thank you for commenting, for complimenting and for giving me the chance to clarify that important point.

    Best wishes


  13. Have they built that wall yet and did they get the Mexicans to pay for it. There will be a lot less Trump voters soon. All the ones who believe the virus is a hoax and think putting on a mask is a violation of their liberty. So is shooting people in a gun spree we don't allow that now do we. Maybe wearing wellingtons in muddy fields is a violation of liberty. Femsup

  14. Any or all of these things could be true, Femsup. I mean, none of them are necessarily reported by the mainstream media, but what do they know? Better to find things out from some random person on twitter and just go by what feels right for you, that's what I say. Why listen to scientists, after all, or climate scientists or anyone like that? What do they know?

    But what do I know? A lot of people are saying that, that's all I can say. Who knows? Who knows anything? Maybe the moon is made of styrofoam. Or of badger eggs. Could be…

    Thank goodness this blog at least holds to a rigorous insistence on factual truth.

    Best wishes


  15. Well, maybe. Words marked, we'll see – maybe we can reprise this if we're both still here in 10 years' time. Even recognising that many people support him, thiough:'THE best of all time' seems a bit strong, though. Has he done anything enormously historical in scope… comparable to winning the Second World War or the Emancipation Proclamation?

    Anyway, indeed, history will be the judge. My main hope is that America gets its mojo back, one way or the other. Whichever 'side' one is on, I think the fact that so many people regard their political opponents not merely as people with a different view about policy but as unspeakable racists/satanists does not bode well. Ultimately, the other half of the country aren't simply going to go away or die, after all.

    Best wishes


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