My goodness!

‘Readers’ of this blog might have picked up on the subtle hints I have ocasionally dropped here, that I might have a bit of a thing for Anne Hathaway (the living actress, not the dead wife of William Shakespeare, although I don’t doubt she was very lovely too).   Very regular ‘readers’ will also be aware that earlier this year I posted a video of an interview with the divine Anne, in which she had to speak quite firmly to the young male who had been privileged enough to be allowed into her presence to interview her.  I have to confess I found that firmness somewhat… stimulating. Obsessive ‘readers’ might even have noticed that I then developed something of a compulsion to publish a series of captioned images all with exactly the same caption, whenever the facial expression or the situation seemed to warrant it.

At the risk of alienating what few ‘readers’ I have left, I am afraid to have to tell you that the compulsion is still with me, so more of the same – exactly the same – below.  Sorry about that. This is an extra post, though, so it will not diminish the twice-weekly postings of captioned images that don’t all have exactly the same words (just the same tired old set of ideas and jokes).

 So… as is traditional, we’ll start with the original, then repeat the same theme ad infinitum (where ‘infinitum’ is here understood to mean ‘seven times’). 





















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  1. So do I. Also strangely affecting. I'm trying to track down the young man's next interview, as I have a theory that it might show him shifting uncomfortably in his seat or conducting the conversation from an awkward standing position. But no joy yet.

    And the divine Anne is now playing an evil, sadistic witch in her latest film. So: good things are happening.

    Thank you for your comment. Opinion on this series appears to be divided, but I just write the captions I enjoy, so it's going to continue for a while.

    Best wishes


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