Scream queens

I never went trick-or-treating as a child – it was just an American thing in those days – but it’s everywhere now.  We often get complimented on how much effort we’ve made to make the house look like a spooky haunted house of torture and pain, but really it’s just the outdoor summer toys (which are occasionally used in winter too, when I’ve been particularly bad).  Halloween does have the advantage of being the evening on which I can answer the door without having to conceal my chains, I suppose, which is nice.

Nothing terribly spooky about today’s captions, I’m afraid, but I’ve tried to choose some at the darker end of what is already rather a sombre spectrum. 

Well, I think that’s disgraceful.  She shouldn’t have taken the veil if she doesn’t believe in it.  It should be a spiritual calling, not just an excuse for hot latex-clad lesbian sex while torturing naked males. Too many people just do religion for the ritual, to my mind.



Ooh – like a college reunion?  I wonder what activities they’ve got planned.

“Erm… oh gosh, now look here, errrrmmmmm!”  etc

With the birds.  Where else are they going to go?  Don’t worry, though: they’re not predatory.  Those curving beaks are just for cracking nuts.

Don’t worry, Mistress will be back soon. How long can you stay in a beach bar with a bunch of guys, anyway?

Oh go on, then: have a Halloween-themed extra that is explicitly not about Halloween.


0 thoughts on “Scream queens”

  1. I always have to ask. What do those two incredibly beautiful women want to try on the poor gimp? Leaving those kind of questions open always bothers me a little.

    -A humble anonymous commentator
    P.S.: I'm not the same as that one Anonymous Admirer.

  2. You always have to ask – and you always get more or less the same reply.

    I'll just say it involved a bucket and spade – then discretion compels me to say no more, I am afraid.

    Stay humble and commenting!

    Best wishes


  3. Does your responsable female superior know you tease your readers in this manner? Are you allowed to do so?
    I'm starting to think it's something you do just to entertain yourself.

    -A humble anonymous commentator

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