Unoriginal sins

Don’t worry: you’ll feel her pain

It probably wouldn’t say anything very interesting, to be honest.  Mostly whiny pleading.  They’re not missing anything.

Like many male teachers in girls’ secondary schools, he often finds himself being the teacher who has to deal with the bullies.
I understand that if you actually open them up, by breaking the flesh from whipping too hard for example, you can void the warranty.  But it doesn’t sound like she’s done that, so it’s probably OK.

She’s not a pro-domme, anyway, because to the eternal howls of anguish from love-sick slaves, I believe Lady Sophia Black has retired.

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  1. I am at my High School, walking down the corridor. My Maths Teacher, Mr Thingly, is following me carrying my bag and my books. I stop and chat to my friends who all have slave teachers waiting nearby. We chat about the latest cool thing Taylor Swift has said and about how our hair always is a nightmare when it rains. I move off and Mr Thingly follows, obediently.

    ''Now, Mr Thingly, take my bag into the classroom and put the books on the table. Kiss my shoes, good boy. Now you may go to the Staff Room. I want to speak to you after school, so make yourself available, ok?''

    ''Yes Miss Zoe, thank you Miss Zoe. I will wait for you by the entrance at 3.30 pm. Is it something I have done wrong, am I in trouble, Miss?''

    ''You will know if you are in trouble. No, you are not in trouble. Go, scamper off, you worm.''

    The lesson was very interesting. Miss Prendergast is an exceptional Physics Teacher and I enjoy her lessons very much. The women teachers are very dominant and clever and talk to the men teachers like they are pets to be controlled. At one point a male teacher, Mr Tembly, came into the room to give Miss Prendergast a note.

    ''What is it Tembly? Do hurry up man.''

    ''I am so sorry to interrupt you Miss Prendergast, but I have an urgent note from the Headmistress, Mrs Wright.''

    ''Good boy. Now get out of my classroom.''

    ''Sorry girls, in your life you will have to deal with many sniveling Beta men like Mr Trimbly. You must have patience and treat them with the respect they deserve as pathetic arseholes.''

    The lesson continued, at the end I stood as a group of school slaves came in and took our bags and books to the next lesson. My personal slave, Mr Thingly was busy in his own classroom so couldn't serve me. We have a group of corridor slaves who do this work. They are all retired old men who do as they are told and carry stuff and help in any way we desire. There are only ten girls in each class as this is an exclusive girl's High School.

    At lunch time I sat with my friends and ate our delicious lunch. The school corridor boys help in clearing away plates and generally being a help to us. The canteen is noisy with girlish chatter and laughter, sometimes a boy is slapped for some mistake or foolishness. We ignore it as it is normal both here and at home.

    At 3.40 pm I come down into the reception area to talk to Mr Thingly. He hates it when I ask to meet like this, as it is usually something bad from his point of view.

    ''Thanks for meeting Mr Thingly. Let me be clear, there are two things I want to discuss and I don't want you to speak until I allow it, ok?''

    ''Yes Miss Zoe, of course most high goddess, Miss Zoe.''

    ''The first thing is that the marks you gave me for the last Maths Test was unexpectedly low. I have told you I expect ''A'' or ''A +''. If you think I don't deserve it then speak to me before marking, so that I can change my answer. You need to tell me the correct answer and let me resubmit the paper, understand?''

    Mr Thingly looked worried as I had asked a question but he wasn't allowed to speak.

    ''Now, the second thing is, you have been late in picking up my bags and books on three occasions this week. This is not good enough. You are my designated teacher slave and you will serve me as I want, understand? There are no excuse for lateness. If you were held up in your class that is your fault, you stupid man. You may speak, Mr Thingly.''

    ''Miss Zoe, thank yo for your kindness in speaking to me about the Maths Test instead of punishing me for marking your paper so low. I promise, next time I will speak to you, most high goddess, about your paper before marking it. I am sure it was a silly oversight that you didn't answer three questions correctly, I will make sure you get good marks, Miss Zoe. As for the lateness, a pupil asked for an explanation on a part of the lesson so I couldn't get away on one occasion. I can't remember why I was late the next two time, Miss Zoe. I am so, so sorry. I will not be late again, I promise.''

    ''Good boy.''


  2. Mr Thingly was explaining to the girls what an equation was.

    ''In its simplest form in algebra, the definition of an equation is a mathematical statement that shows that two mathematical expressions are equal. For instance, 3x + 5 = 14 is an equation, in which 3x + 5 and 14 are two expressions separated by an ‘equal’ sign. So girls…''

    ''Mr Thingly, sorry to interrupt, but we a not 'girls', now can you tell us what we should be called?''

    ''Oh, sorry Zoe. I meant to say goddesses. You are all most high goddesses. I am not worthy to be in the same room as you high goddesses.''

    ''Better, Mr Thngly. Continue, please.''

    '' Ok, most high goddesses, We can turn a problem into an equation. For example, 3 loaves of bread and a £4 pack of cheese cost £10. How much is each loaf? In this equation we want to work out the cost of one loaf of bread. As the cost of bread is the unknown, we will represent this with a x. We need 3 loaves of bread, so in our equation we will represent this with 3x, ok? We know the cheese costs £4 and the total spend is £10. So, goddesses, now we can write our equation: 3x + 4 = 10. Any questions?''

    ''Who care, Mr Thingly? When Would we use this stuff?''

    ''Miss Chloe, if you want a high paying job you will need to know some math. I'm just teaching you a basic way of using equations to solve problems, ok? It really is interesting, ma'am.''

    ''But Mr Thingly, your lessons are so boring, don't you agree?''

    ''Yeh, Mr Thingly, we need a better math teacher, you can't help being a worthless man, but really, you should do better.''

    ''Ma'am's, I am sorry. I am doing my best. I did use bread in the example to make it more interesting. You are being unreasonable, girls. Be kind, be patient, please.'''

    ''Mr Thingly. Just finish the lesson. Stop whining like a boy. You can even call us 'girls' if you just do your job so we can pass our math exam next week, pitiful man. Oh, and stop looking at Eileen's legs, pervert.''

    ''When solving an equation it is important to find the value of one letter .Let's solve the equation 3x + 4 = 10. Ok, girls? To remove the + 4 we complete the inverse (opposite) operation by subtracting the 4. 3x = 10 – 4. That gives us 3x = 6 (3 loaves cost £6). To work out the cost of one loaf we divide both sides of the equation by 3. x = 6 ÷ 3. So x = 2 (one loaf costs £2). ..

    I wasn't looking at anyone's legs, Miss Zoe, really.''

    ''You calling me a liar, Mr Thingly?''

    Mr Thingly, does his best, but he is no match for ten bright girls, is he?


  3. Thank you, Ms Zoe. I do hope Mr Thingly wasn't teased about his name. Girls can be so cruel, thank goodness.

    Best wishes


  4. Perhaps Mr Thingly needs to relate his lessons better to topics that are actually relevant to their lives. Consider the problem of extracting the maximum from a stable of pay-piggies, for instance, each of them with different bank balances, career prospects and breaking points. Or suppose a couple of the girls are heading out to pick up some guys: how much cock are they going to need, if they each want to come at least six times? And how many condoms of each size should their subbie buy?

    I'm sure Mr Thingly could come up with some lesson plans that would interest them, if he wanted to. I mean he can't enjoy being treated with such disdain and mockery by a room full of teenage girls three times a week. Can he?

    Best wishes


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