Whip service

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…Oh well, at least you’re still alive, right?

They still call him ‘Fatso’: the name they gave him when he arrived.  I think that’s unnecessarily insulting, to be honest.
BDSM can be an excellent way of relieving stress, while also increasing it.
Why does femdom have to be so complicated?  Can’t I just have my ‘happy ending’?  No?  Oh, OK. 

There’s lots of animal roleplay – no need to just limit it to ponies and puppies.  My SO likes to play ‘annoying bluebottle’ for example.  The swatter’s fun, the electric zapper’s edgy but since she started spraying the flyspray into my mouth, I’ll confess I’m finding it harder to get into it.

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  1. I notice you don't get a lot of feedback. I am by nature quiet but I'd really like to express my gratitude for your work.
    Your captions are wonderful. I have been a fan for about as long as you've been posting. Your captions are a highlight of my week.

    Thank you and all the best

  2. That's very kind of you, thank you. For as long as I've been posting? Wow. Been over six years now! And it'll be a while longer, too.

    I don't necesarily need a lot of feedback, as I enjoy writing these things. But it's always nice to hear it, nonetheless! Very glad you enjoy it.


  3. I wonder whether they specify the feed given to the piggies in order to change the flavour of the meat?
    As to the nutrition of mud well rats will eat it to absorb poisons. I have often wondered about the effects of polish on the human constitution. I well remember rubbing a pink ointment into a woman's feet and then making the mistake of sucking on those feet. I can still taste that ointment to this day. Femsup

  4. Yes, I suppose it can be flavoured but there's nothing to beat the simple hearty taste of good old fashioned mud, is there? There are too many chemicals poisoning our food and drink today, as it sounds like you discovered with your pink ointment, Femsup. Far better to eat and drink only natural products, preferably freshly produced, direct from the source.

    Incidentally, is the reason you can still taste it to this day, that she decided to feed it to you every lunchtime, after having observed that reaction? You should let the pink medecine makers know: "good for punishing uppity subs".

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