Future perfect

By popular demand*, more scenes from the 2020 election  campaign and the Hathaway administration’s first term.** 

These ones seem quite heavily to feature Megyn Kelly***. If you object to that****, perhaps you could direct me to other ladies whose image on TV has been captured in quite so many high quality screenshots.

* No, really, just for once.  Honestly, I write a blog full of pictures of sexy young women wearing not much, or kinky leather-clad vixens and what do you all clamour for?  More posts about politics!  You’re a bunch of very weird people, you know that, right?  But then, so am I.

** See those little underliney things?  Those show the words are actually links: to earlier posts in this series.  Apologies to female readers of this blog, who are obviously able to work that out for themselves. 

*** Who appears to have taken on a role as spokeswoman for the campaign while retaining her anchorwoman job. If you think that’s a conflict of interest then take it up with her, not me, OK?  But be polite.  Very polite.

**** No, I’m not expecting a great many objections either.  But you never know.

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  1. all your work is great but the politics ones are my favourite my a mile

    loved these so much, thank you

    worried with so long since the last set you had defected to the silly men's lib movement

    could the first boy head up programmes like encouraging boys to switch to girlier clothing, hairstyles and makeup? under the guidance of a qualified lady of course

  2. These politics ones are particularly well made, it takes a certain kind of mind to create them and a certain kind of mind to properly appreciate them. As one of the latter I salute one of the former. But not if President Hathaway is looking, or, indeed, any woman, obviously.

  3. "No, really, just for once. Honestly, I write a blog full of pictures of sexy young women wearing not much, or kinky leather-clad vixens and what do you all clamour for? More posts about politics! You're a bunch of very weird people, you know that, right? But then, so am I."

    As a fellow Fem Supremacist and Woman Worshiper, I must say that the thought of a true universal shift in the power equation is a lot more 'exciting' than seeing women pretending to be in power through scanty outfits or posing as leather clad dominatrices.

    I think we all know that that is done for male entertainment and titillation and while some women may enjoy it too, the power exchange is not usually that deep,long lasting, or wide spread.

    Seeing women truly flip the situation around and turning the patriarchy into an absolute matriarchy, leading to ownership of males is somehow fulfilling deep down inside.

    Please continue to do these and the "Men's Lib" series. The power of the women in all of these goes WAY beyond one dungeon or spanking scene…

  4. This will gladly be the year we elect President Hathaway as my final vote ever. I can't wait to cast that ballot. Please keep this theme going. It's amazing and I love it.

  5. You're very welcome, Mr A. Very little danger of my 'defecting' to the men's lib movement, don't worry about that. I'm too busy with housework to bother my head with that. I once tried asking my SO what She thought of it all and we had a very long heart to heart discussion about it. We laughed (well… She did), we cried (well… I did) and we decided we weren't going to let any of that nonsense into Her house.

    The first boy is mostly just there to look pretty and to ease the President's tension when she's had a bad day, to be honest. And really, it's an important job: when your domme has the nuclear codes, its better for all concerned if there aren't any silly hard limits preventing her working out her frustrations in the playroom.

    Thank you for commenting. There will be more in the series when… erm… well, when I can think of any.

  6. Thank you, Joanna. I suspect that much of the outside world would agree with you on the 'certain kind of mind' points and follow them up with words like 'perverted' and 'weird'. Not to mention 'looser' and '#MAGA' and 'bild the wall!' from a certain political standpoint. From my own political kneelpoint I don't care.

    But being saluted definitely isn't my style. Hail to the Chief, we salute Her one and all.

    Thank you for commenting. I appreciate the appreciation.


    PS – Given that mostly I suspect my 'output' provides a brief occasional image of pornographic inspiration for my readers' sexual needs, it's nice to have some noted as 'well made'. These actually take quite a lot of work. The little headline bars inserted into most of the pictures look terrible if you just paste a text box in, because the resolution is so much higher and cleaner than the screen cap that forms the original image. So I carefully blur them just a little bit to match… takes ages. Perverted, weird and obsessive too. Oh well. It's what I do.

  7. With you all the way on that one, Mr A. There is nothing awesomely powerful about a pretty model posing in a hired latex costume holding a whip the wrong way – just have a look at the Tiresome Tropes tumblr for near-daily proof. Not that I'm saying I don't like looking at pretty models wearing latex, obviously I do, but erm… where was I going with this? Oh yes, there's sexy posing and there's true power and fundamentally this series is about the latter.

    Some time into her second term President Hathaway reluctantly gives up on a negotiated solution to the problem of hold-out patriarchal states and launches an invasion of Saudi Arabia. Not your average femdom porn theme, I'll admit, but fundamentally which is more scary? A leather riding crop or an airstrike launched from the deck of the 100,000 tonne USS Alice Kerr-Sutherland?

    I'll continue to do as many of these and the men's lib ones as I can. The problem is supply, not demand. My male brain can only think up a few thinks at any one time, and they're mostly not very useful ones.

  8. Not all of us, I am afraid, Mr A. My nationality does not qualify me to vote in the US (quite apart from the fact that my gender should disqualify me from voting anywhere).

    You know, it's just occurred to me that there's a very good chance this blog will still be going in 2020. It's managed six years already and I have over a year's supply of unposted captions* and I'm writing more all the time. I do hope these predictions turn out to be correct. Otherwise, you might all lose faith in the factual reliability of the information posted on this blog.

    I guess we can but hope for change…well, and volunteer, I suppose.


    * No – none in this theme! I post those as soon as I have five. Leave me alone, I'm doing the best I can!

  9. Gladly would I give you what ideas I have if you wish to develop some of them.

    Say, have you ever heard of the iDecide program?

  10. Fun fact – the spouse of the US President has no title. The title "First Lady" actually belongs to the President's hostess. Since he often has to step away from official functions for private meetings and emergencies, he can't host his own parties. After all, it would be rude for the host to keep ducking out on his own guests – someone has to be there to ensure everyone has fun, and say witty things to impress people.

    Now, normally, the role of hostess would be taken on by the president's wife. But there have been occasions when the President is unmarried (or his wife can't or won't do the job), and a female relative – often a daughter or niece – fills the role. In fact, that's where the title comes from. During the presidency of James Buchannan, his niece Harriet was the official hostess, and people improvised the title, "First Lady", when trying to figure out how to refer to her.

    (So yes, that does technically mean that Ivanka Trump is the current First Lady, not her stepmother, Melania. Ivanka relishes moving in high society, while Melania is more of an introverted homebody)

    That has led to some contentious situations, particularly where the President and his wife are estranged, and another female relative has to fill the roll. Such as . . . shoot, I think it was between Eleanor Roosevelt and her daughter.

  11. I'm afraid Ms. Hathaway hasn't declared an interest in running for the presidency, but Senator Amy Klobuchar (of Minnesota) looks like she is. If nothing else, she's suddenly developed a particular fondness for visiting Iowa . . .

  12. The ones started by the Celebrity Femdom tumblr? Where every female college student serves as a keyholder for a random male student? Is anyone still writing them?

  13. The first Boi should be whoever is first to serve the canapes to the important Womyn who are making the right decisions for men and Womyn. I worry that the male capitalist patriarchy fearful of its collapse is going to do what they did in WWI and divert opinion to jingoistic agendas this time against left wing Matriarchal people.

    Fully in agreement with the correspondent who pinned down just why we are so effusive in our comments to these political postings. To have the whole society geared to domination over males is so much better than someone being paid and controlled by a man in role play. Femsup

  14. The misrepresentation of the Enviromental Act just because a clause states that recycling of human waste is best handled by males. This has been blown out of all proportion and she had to deny salacious tales of males en mass being used consume the waste and withhold its damage for hours longer to nature. Femsup

  15. Getting a bit lost as to who is replying to whom and about what here, but thank you all for your comments.

    iDecide sounds most promising. That said, ages ago I had an idea for a post about an app called 'slavr' and I think it just turned out a bit too worthy and tedious somehow – you can see what you think here if you like, but I don't think it quite 'worked'. http://contemplatingthedivine.blogspot.nl/2017/03/slavr.html

    I find I don't do well trying to develop others' ideas, Mr A – usually I just cruise around the internet finding pictures and a caption might occur to me (or occasionally the other way round, as I embark on a long search for the right picture for an idea…).

    How about trying it yourself? There's no skill at all in captioning (although it's best to spell and grammar check these days or you'd be featured on the dreaded Tiresome Tropes tumblr) – except the ideas, but if you've got those then go for it! I certainly never thought this blog would still be going after 6 years, when I started.

    Celebrity femdom sounds worth checking out.. as long as it has a sufficiently high Anne quotient, obviously…

    Thank you both


  16. But is there no other reason to be fond of visiting Iowa?

    Hmmm.. the Max Fisch domina guide has only one link under Iowa, and that appears to be broken, so I guess not.

    Amy Klobuchar sounds like a good name for a domme, though.

  17. Thank you, History Buff (do you comment on history and political science blogs under the name 'Porn Freak'? I think you should, for symmetry).

    We in the UK, of course, have the experience of first husbands or whatever (and there is no tradition of PM's spouses… spice?… having any role except that the satirical magazine Private Eye sometimes runs a spoof diary making fun of political developments from behind the scenes).

    Denis Thatcher, though, was odd. He was the sort of Conservative the actual Conservative Party likes to pretend isn't there any more. His views on race were… old fashioned. He did have a bit of a public role. After visiting a stadium once in which there had been a horrific fire with many dead, he was offered an ashtray for his cigar and remarked 'Oh good – we don't want another fire, do we?'. Actually, I thought that was quite funny but it was deemed insensitive and I guess it was. Men, eh?

    Nobody knows who Theresa May's husband is. He's called Keith or Kevin or something, I think. But she's not a great advert for superior female leadership anyway.. maybe she's a man in disguise. That would explain why we don't see Keith-Kevin with her often.

    If the US First Lady can be anyone at all, I vote it should be Anne, all the time, until She gets elected in her own right. And Eleise de Lacy in Canada, which is where She's from. She'd look after that cute little Trudeau.

  18. There's a lot the environmental movement can learn from the world of female domination. You've identified one right there, but the OWK has pioneered innovative technologies for power generation, for example.

  19. For an American politician with a national profile? No.

    Iowa is a lovely state, but its not her home state, and its far from the big media markets and wealthy donors. The only reason a politician of Mrs. Klobuchar's stature goes to Iowa is to start laying the groundwork for a presidential run. The Iowa caucuses (along with the New Hampshire primaries) are the proving ground for would-be presidential nominees. They're the first chance the voters have to weigh in on the candidates, and the people who vote their are die-hard political junkies. There's a saying that there are only three tickets out of Iowa – and a candidate who does place in the top three (either there or in New Hampshire) is effectively dead in the water. Oh, sure, they can keep running – but a comeback at that point is almost unheard of.

    Of course, that doesn't mean she'll actually get in the race. There are usually 2 or 3 dozen potential candidates who make the trip, but never formally declare their candidacy. Still, she made the trip . . .

    (Personally, I think she would have run in 2016, if Hillary Clinton hadn't gotten in the race. She was making the rounds of the talk shows, and wracking up favors by serving as a "validator", representing the party in interviews. It'll be interesting to see how she does, this time round)

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