People and things

These things, for example.

Just for once, the linked music video is related.

Loosely, anyway.

A stage magician tried to hypnotise me once, but he failed completely.  I am one of those very rare people who just have too much willpower, he told me!  I tried to go back again the next night, to see if he wanted another go, but my wife said I had to stay at home and do chores, so that was that.

Yeah.  Why not?

Yes Ma’am.

Yes Ma’am.  Again.

Actually, I’m not that worried.  I was told once by a girl I trust that my penis is microscopic.  No way any sniper’s hitting that!

0 thoughts on “People and things”

  1. I like The flipflop 'Stay' caption – but I am not sure of what you were intending – could you elaborate please?
    Also – not sure if you take requests – but as it's my birthday (honest!) any chance of a flip-flop themed post enthused with your wit please?
    They are so versatile for us slaveboys in terms of needing tongue cleaning, toe-print sniffing and flip-flop-face-flogs:) and if that pesky buy very lucky alpha-male Raoul was brought too it would be just smashing!!

  2. Thank you. I like it too, but I wasn't intending anything. She is clearly intending that you should stay by the shoes, and that's all you need to know, I'd have thought, no?

    It looks like I missed your birthday – apologies. If a flip-flop-flemed caption does occur to me I shall be sure to post it… not a big thing for me, I'll admit. And the combination of flip-flops and Raoul isn't doing anything for me at all right now, but I'll see what he thinks.

    Do keep coming back and commenting, despite this un-cooperative attitude by the blog-servitor!


  3. lol – fair enough
    the flip-flops and Raoul are not by any means mutually inclusive
    flip-flops are more of a seasonal kink
    Raoul threads /posts are always appropriate and much appreciated to make our humiliations all the greater 🙂

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