Traditional crop-wielding ladies


Not a problem: premium cat food doesn’t actually taste as nice as the adverts imply.  In fact, in tests I understand eight out of ten slaves said they preferred to go hungry than be forced to eat it… but why should anyone care about that?



Which is odd, because women are supposed to be good at empathy.


Having said which, these two – while not exactly exhibiting empathy I’ll admit – are certainly very concerned to ensure fair treatment of all of the prisoners.  Which is nice.




She does use him for sex, but only in a facilitative capacity.




And I’m very persuadable.  I’ll even pay for it.

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  1. See? This is much more… stimulating. All those women in nurse outfits, office suits and vainilla lingerie never look like the proper dominant women they are supposed to represent.

    Anyways what should be next? Ball-squeezing ladies? Face-sitting ladies? Pain-giving ladies? Stern-looking ladies? Oh, why bother. I'm sure you'll think about something eventually.

    -A humble anonymous commentator

  2. And just when I thought they were going to go easy on the old sexist criminal. Did not see that one coming or he either again. Love the fixer upper. I have been watching too many home improvement programs and think this could be one where you reveal the male so be super efficient and obedient. Femsup

  3. It's not just the look, though, is it Mr H.A.C.? I do hope not. Even without these rather token, garish outward symbols of dominance, women can show their power simply by their actions. A castratrix is a castratrix, whether in black leather, lacy lingerie or just simple jeans and t-shirt, don't you agree?

    And I for one certainly do not need a riding whip waved menacingly at me, in order to a take seriously any lady who has gone to the trouble to clip electrodes to my genitals before starting the discussion.

    To mis-quote myself mis-quoting Al Capone: you can get more with a kind word and a cattle-prod than you can with just a kind word.

    Best wishes

    A humble pseudonymous blogger

  4. He didn't see it coming either. For a while, there, they were worried his heart might give in. But he pulled through, to everyone's relief, and he's actually now remarkably healthy. In fact, the prison doctor believes he is likely to survive for most of his sentence, possibly all of it. So that just goes to show, doesn't it?

    As for the fixer-upper, my SO and I recently applied to be on 'Wife Swap', so if we succeed, we'll let you know how that turns out. I can see the other husband likely finding it a bit of a shock at first, but I'm sure he'll buckle down. Or he'll be buckled down, to be shocked at first. One or the other of those.

    Best wishes


  5. A lovely lady and a wonderful film, but the best bit for me was when Tricia Helfer's slave kisses her boots, then quickly scuffs away any trace of his kiss with his hand. I truly loved that: both as a concept and the way it was so quickly done, not made a big thing of, but just hinted at a deep relationship with long-established rules. As does her previous immediate realisation that what is worrying him is the thought that she might be replacing him.

    Precisely 10 minutes into the movie, the entirety of which (but you might be better off trying to find a compilation of 'best bits' if yuu know what I mean)
    can be found here

    Best wishes


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