Wisdom of the aged

As I am, with no false modesty, a rather ‘experienced’ player (although yet to score a point), I often find myself being asked questions by dommes* and subs alike, and I am only too willing to share what scraps of wisdom I have acquired over the years.  There have been posts on advice to a novice sub, and also those offering respectful and tentative advice to novices trying out the domme side of the ‘relationship’.  Some might say that this is presumptuous, indeed impertinent.  My own view, for what it’s worth, is that they are quite right.  It is, and here’s more of it. What a bad, bad Servitor.

Especially without a riding whip.  She’s not going anywhere any time soon, I’m afraid.

Plus, if they want handjobs at the end of the session, they can actually have them, for a change.  Blow jobs even – why not?

Alternatively, don’t bother if you don’t care which is which.

Or, again, don’t bother. He can hold it in.  Rubber bands help.

Mmmm. I think the lady in this picture might be wondering how to preserve her in-session air of effortless superiority, having just broken the rule. She needn’t: we love and worship them whatever they do.

* Most of the questions from dommes are along the lines of “Is that supposed to be a present?”, “Are you going to cry again?”, “Haven’t you finished yet?” or “What the fuck are you still doing here?” but the answers to those just involve simple yes/no plus apology options, so I won’t go into details.

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