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  1. Mind some feedback? In "Anne Takes Over", I suspect you over thought it, and lost the emphasis. If you make the commander just a bit more assertive and chauvinistic, the story becomes far simpler to tell. Want Amelia to be about to sell them out? Just have him lay out the plan – when the aliens get there, Amelia will claim they're her sex slaves. That way the aliens won't immediately castrate and lobotomize him and Dave as "ferals", and the moment said aliens aren't paying attention, she can free them and they can escape together.

    But don't have him ask her, and lose the feminist sympathies bit. Then it becomes far more obvious that he's gambling on loyalty that isn't there.

  2. Thoroughly on-topic, thank you Tom. I did think when watching the series that 'The Way' was all a bit dogmatic… what if someone wanted to go a different Way? But I like my femdom dogmatic so that's OK.

    Best wishes


  3. Thank you. Possibly… possibly. I'll confess that 'over-thinking' is not something I am often accused of, particularly by the ladies in my life. Usually the opposite – often with some quite vigorous feedback.

    But I shall carry on, regardlessly, as usual.

    In the meantime, you might like this which is similar. But there is no limit to the number of times 'Anne in space' images can be appreciated.

    Many thanks for your thoughtful comment.

    Best wishes


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