Romantically hers


What a nightmare.  That happened to me once, but fortunately the lady I’d been following was very kind and really nice about it.  I can’t say the same about my SO when I was finally handed back, but being kind and nice just isn’t her thing.

If it’s important, it’s worth discussing properly, right?

Here we go again.

The weird thing is, he had his tonsils out when he was a kid. Must have grown back, I suppose.  Things sometimes do, you know.

Probably she’ll just be lying in bed later, trying to get to sleep, and it’ll just pop into her head, just like that.  Or in the morning.  Whatever.

Speaking of subjective opinions, I’d be interested in any thoughts on Blogger/Blogspot’s new policy of requiring sign-in for adult-themed blogs like this (I’ve personally always thought that it’s best described as childish and immature rather than adult, but there you go…).  I hadn’t even noticed, as I’m permanently logged in, but a commenter on my mirror Tumblr site let me know.

You’re the wrong people to ask, really, because by definition you’re here so it hasn’t stopped you.  But it seems from Internet chatter to have happened around the start of February and my traffic stats do seem to have dropped in half, overnight.

Hmm.  It’s not too bad.  Many people have Google IDs and some won’t even notice, like me.  But it’s a shame if new people cannot get here from search engines and suchlike.  I looked into alternative places to blog a few years back, when there was a threat to block adult blogs entirely, and I set up my Tumblr site but I cannot move fully there because (a) it doesn’t allow nakedness and although unlike many adult blogs, I rarely feature fully undressed ladies, this blog has never had a problem with images of males in the natural animal state in which the Goddess created them, their vulnerable flesh reddening under a whip or goose-pimpling as they engage in vigorous productive outdoor activity on a crisp winter morning in the snow.  Sorry, where was I?  Oh yes: (b) Tumblr is basically a clip or photo-sharing site.  I need a blank sheet of paper to write stuff; I still occasionally write stories and so on. Tumblr is more like a social media ‘feed’ but this blog – like its author – is hopelessly stuck in the past and I want a web page people come to and ‘read’.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Servitor, when I log in to this site I need to sign in to my Google Account. This seems reasonable as it proves I am an adult, I think? I understand why they want to protect children from things they should not see so I would support some verification. I don't understand why your traffic has gone down so drastically as the Google requirement isn't extensive or unreasonable. Perhaps folk will get used to it and things will improve, I hope so.

    Love these posts, by the way. The need to be brutal is so true.


  2. How strange. I don't need to sign at all. And even if I was asked I would sign in straight away, not wanting to miss any of your decadent, stimulating, amusing, and sometimes even irreverent ramblings. Irreverent that is to those wonderful ladies we adore and to whom we are normally totally reverent. Keep posting, please.

  3. Since I have a Google account, this browser is pretty much logged in all the time.

    Tumblr now had a new policy that any sexual content can be tagged as "mature" which, as you've noted, really doesn't apply to you. However, it also means that your posts are hidden from causal searching.

    WordPress has adult filtering, but they are more lenient about the pictures. Plus, they offer tools to import everything over form Blogger.

  4. Yes on one computer I get that message and I feared I would not be able to view your site again a bitter blow. But on this one as you can see I got in. Zardoz

  5. Thank you, Ms Zoe. Yes, I do agree it's reasonable and that most people have a Google ID anyway. It's also quite unobtrusive – I hadn't noticed and nor it seems from the comments here have some others. Presumably if you ever set up a Google Account for anything – Youtube, doc sharing etc – Google knows that for all purposes unless you consciously sign out.

    I have had people commenting on my Tumblr mirror blog that they have stopped visiting here, though. OK, they're probably male and so their opinion is worthless – and if this blog were truly interested in reader numbers it would publish, y'know, normal stuff so I cannot claim it is a huge concern. But if I could do something about that, I would. So far, the most interesting suggestion is to set up my own web site. Nothing immediate, though.

    Enjoy the brutality.

    Best wishes


  6. Very kind of you to say so, Melissa. I suspect you are signed in, just via a Google account perhaps without realising it. Anyway, don't worry, I'm not going to stop posting. Just a matter of where (and the objective – if I were to move – would be for the whole user experience to be exactly the same as now, in all its squalor).

    Best wishes


  7. Thanks Tom. Yes, I worry that being hidden from casual searching is going to make it very hard to attract new users (although my Tumblr blog advertises it heavily).

    I might look into WordPress, thank you.

    Best wishes


  8. Good to have you here, Zardoz. Being a giant flying stone head probably helps with the whole ID-ing thing. And people are obviously not sufficiently ID-ed to be prevented from commenting anonymously, which is good.

    Best wishes


  9. Good to have you back, Femsup, I was thinking I had not seen you around lately. I suspect you logged onto a Google account years ago on the old PC (to see age-restricted videos on YouTube maybe?) and so it just works. I don't think there would be any more privacy concern about your doing that explicitly by logging in on your new computer… not that CtD does anything particularly hi-tech, of course.

    Best wishes


  10. OK, so that was weird – I could access the blog but wasn't signed into it, hence the anonymous comment on my own blog. Complicated stuff… too much for my male brain, I'm afraid.

  11. I wouldn't worry about that. In the new female-led economy, most of the jobs that males are best suited for don't require any technological knowhow, just typically make strength and capacity for enduring tedium. And there won't be a retirement age as such, we'll just be worked until we drop. People worry about the future but I say: never mind the future, just concentrate on doing a good job right now so you don't get whipped.

    Best wishes


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