Yanking my chain

Don’t you hate it when she does that?

Nah, same old. Just got a new hood that’s all – and some fresh whip-marks.

Models have something of a reputation for aggressive behaviour, which is often quite undeserved, sad to say. 

To be honest, if I had to choose my perversion, there are probably easier options than being submissive.  But fortunately I cannot choose and as a submissive I’d rather not anyway.

Many brides can be a bit on edge during the big day – the whole ‘bridezilla’ thing, you know?  Just humour her… soon you’ll have tied the knot and can settle down to a lifetime of married bliss.

Hmm.  Seems a bit unprofessional, to have mixed up the creams like that.  Probably best not to complain, though.

0 thoughts on “Yanking my chain”

  1. Surely she knew what he was like before she decided to impose marriage upon him. She knew he can get uppity and out of pocket at times, hence she is perfect for him. Her firm hand will keep him in check, and out of the trouble he uses to get into before she scooped him up, a match made in heaven.

    *The way she towers over him makes them an even more perfect match, as is implied by her seemingly looking way down at him. Makes her even more intimidating. *

  2. Oh wow, I think that looks like a dress I designed. Doesn't she look great in it. Must make sure I am backstage when she has finished her catwalk. She is bound to want to tell me all about it.

  3. Sometimes we males can be rather tiresome and it is a bit unfair to expect our life-partners always to make the effort to sort it out. Even if all it requires are a few quick flicks of the wrist or twenty, that can just seem too much on a busy day. Don't worry, though, the lady in the picture has no intention of allowing her marriage to be anything other than perfect. And she's very determined.

    Best wishes


  4. She is. I think she must have few suggestions for alterations, as she's asked to meet you backstage and wants you to bring a box of pins and several strong needles.

    Best wishes


  5. Yeah, she will accept no less than perfection, even if it has to be driven into him with a few flicks of her strong wrists.

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