Hear her roar

 … and hear me squeak.

I’m not allowed to look my SO in the eye under any circumstances, so for that (and other) reasons this situation never arises for me.

Loving brutal domination… that hits the sweet spot (repeatedly, raising welts and leaving it throbbing and sore).

Hard to understand atheists who say there’s no such thing as a divine being, in a world on which Mistress Eleise walks among us.

I wouldn’t mind but it’s seven floors up and the male lift (‘elevator’, Americans but you knew that right?) has been out of action all week.

It’s odd how often I find myself begging my SO for mercy, when begging her for brutal and gleeful ferocity would be so much more likely to succeed.

It’s actually quite common for bridegrooms to feel a little nervous and apprehensive before giving up their their body and eternal soul to the control of a callous and evil witch the big day. Looks like she has a potion that will rob you of any means of resistance just the solution. I guess that’s you damned to an eternity of suffering and torment why you’re marrying her, right?

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  1. Servitor, I love them all but Image 3 is amazing. I will write something for it.

    Love you Servitor.


  2. Yeah image 3 takes the cake. Dude was called all the way to her office 7 floors up just to pick up a paper. It is the epitome of flexing your power over someone. She must be ultra intimidating, so I would have at least asked to massage her feet.

  3. I like the idea of a woman dominating her man with supernatural power. Imagine a woman that can cast a spell and make your penis rock hard, and restrain you to the bed with a spell while making wicked love to you.. Or a spell that milks your prostate. She'll have her husband fighting to contain his moans and grunts at work, squirting his load in his pants. LOL

  4. ''Thank you Jenkins. I have been looking at your monthly review and I note that your foot worship is at best lackluster, at worst unenthusiastic. No, carry on kissing the ground in front of my foot. I see last month the comment from your Supervisor, Jane, was even more negative. What have you to say?''

    ''Ma'am, I do try but I am so busy filing papers, making coffee and running errands that foot worship becomes less of a priority. I am sorry Mrs Bentley.''

    ''What do you mean your job is to worship the feet of any female who requires it.''

    ''Yes Mrs Bentley, but if the coffee is late or the papers aren't filed I get in terrible trouble. I have so much to do I want to hurry the foot stuff, sorry.''

    ''There is some dog pooh on my left shoe, deal with it.''

    ''Yes, ma'am, certainly ma'am. Sorry ma'am, I didn't see it.''

    ''OK. You area good worker, Jenkins, just try to at least look and act pleased to worship.I will put it down as a 'Area for Improvement' on your review.''

    ''Thank you Mrs Bentley.''


  5. Squawneworder, did she ask you to massage her feet? Hmm? No. No she didn't. She's a busy lady with an important job to do. Now, you've picked up that piece of paper – are you expecting to be praised just for doing your job? Let's just keep it all businesslike, shall we?

    Best wishes


  6. Be careful what you wish for Squaw… her spells might be more aimed at satisfying her desires than yours. So you really want to become a rich and dark chocolate mousse cake?

    Best wishes


  7. It's hardly Jenkins's fault, I've heard Ms Zoe. Those giggly interns keep running him ragged. I can't blame them either, of course: it's the first time they've really had a chance to experience office domination and they're bound to want to take advantage of the company's sexual harassment policy (which encourages it). But it's a bit hard on some of the older male employees.

    Personally I find going to the office rather relaxing: during the pandemic I worked from home and I've honestly never had such a tough or bullying boss. But I love her, of course.

    Many thanks for your contributions.

    Best wishes


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