To err is male

 … to chastise, divine.


Well… at least until it stops stretching, obviously. Otherwise why go to all that trouble?




She’s smiling but she’s crying inside.  Don’t make this harder for her.


Thank goodness (and her) for that.

My SO generally prefers me to be silent – except when I’m strapped down onto the whipping bench, when she usually removes my gag. It’s her opportunity to hear how how I’m feeling.

Lots of older men seek to relive their youth, with attractive young women.  Looks like Timmy has hit the jackpot.

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  1. ''Darling, I have a confession to make. Pardon? Yes, you may kneel at my feet sweetie. The thing is I have lost your chastity key. No, the spare went missing in November. Sorry, babe.''

    ''But, you promised to release me soon after Christmas, and it is now March. This is so unfair.''

    ''Manners, babe. Careful!!''

    ''Oh goddess, I am just so frustrated. Can we get another key?''

    ''That is the thing Max. They don't make that chastity anymore and so there are no spare keys. Maybe a locksmith could help. Why don't you go on the laptop and see, honey.''


    ''How dare you pull a face. Now fetch a coffee and then you can see about a locksmith.''

    A week later and a locksmith comes to the house. I explain to him about the lock and he is shocked and amused in equal measure. We get Max to stand on a chair and Ben, the hunky locksmith gets to work.

    ''Stay still, honey, or Ben may hurt you.''

    Ben is so clever. He unlocked the chastity and I paid him by card. Max was so embarrassed and unhappy, but I need to get a new chastity with a new set of keys pronto.


  2. Drowned on his honeymoon, how sad maybe he should have married one of the plane Jane jolly hockey sticks gals from his circle silly boy, they would have delighted in beating him into being the perfect husband, but at least they they wouldn't have murdered him.

  3. Thank you for sharing that, Ms Zoe. Unfortunately, like many others in well-run relationships, my internet use is monitored by a nannying programme that is primed to flag instances of the word 'l*cksm*ith'. So reading this might cause some unnecessary and painful misunderstandings, when She checks the log. But I'm sure if I only get a chance to explain the context, She'll be very reasonable about it.

    Best wishes


  4. Oh, I don't know, Chas. Death by hockey stick could be even worse, although I suppose more fun could be had on the way.

    Best wishes


  5. Good point, well made Servitor. Max was allowed to use my home desktop for the investigation. He is, of course, only allowed in that office to vacuum and dust. There are monitors to check his whereabouts which flagged on my Cell Phone.

    In fact I have just a bleep which indicates he is in the garden, what is he doing outside?

    Max was only 24 hours without his chastity so all was well.


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