Subjective opinions

Don’t worry, even without last words it’ll be a very memorable experience for her.




I expect she’ll get used to the situation, although she might request a few changes to be made.




A few nights shivering on a cold concrete floor are surely worth spending, to save her from any discomfort from the peer pressure.

I’m told the most useful piece of advice for any young teacher is always to remember who’s in charge.




I hope she doesn’t have to wrestle with her conscience too long, poor thing.

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  1. It is a lovely spring evening and I am drinking Chinese Tea with my friend, Claire, as we chat about investment opportunities and Annuities in a falling Market. She has made over 2 million dollars since October 2022 just speculating in Futures. She is amazing. I love her long sexy legs in her cream minidress and she knows how much I enjoy her company.

    My sissy slave husband, Max, is kneeling between my legs as he sheds tears of pain after a whipping I let Claire give him. He hadn't done anything wrong, I just thought it was time he felt the sting of a good whipping from a beautiful woman.

    ''Aww poor Maxie. Don't make such a fuss, silly boy. Dry your eyes and say sorry to Miss Claire, ok?''

    ''I am sorry Miss Claire, I have been a silly boy, but the Mistress Whip Goddess did hurt my bottie.''

    ''Good boy. Now blow your nose and go and worship Miss Claire's pretty feet. Is that OK Claire.''

    ''Of course, Zoe. He is such a silly billy boy. Come over here pretty boy.''

    Max crawled over and started to kiss and worship Claire's feet. We continued to chat about business and fashion. She has such a good style sense and often advises me on what would suit me in the Spring Fashion Weeks.

    Claire tells me about a software startup which is run by women and is making great strides in developing business solutions and innovative new ideas. She has invested some money, but I tell her I have no spare cash at the moment. She pouts and looks sulky, which worries me. I know I shouldn't be swayed just because she is a stunning woman, but I feel unsettled by her displeasure.

    ''Hey Max, I have two feet arsehole!''

    ''Sorry Goddess, I love your feet. They smell so minty and fresh.''

    ''Has he finished Claire? I would like to have some alone time, if that is ok, sorry.''

    ''Oh. Yes, I guess so. Thank me Max.''

    ''Thank you Goddess for the honour of worshipping your feet.''

    Max stood up and curtsied, he went out to his room beyond the utility room.

    I was pleased to be alone with Claire and poured her some wine, after filling my own glass.

    We chatted some more, and we kissed, sweetly, gently, beautifully.


  2. ''Max, come here please''

    Max has been a good sissy slave in the three weeks since Claire visited. I haven't spoken to her since that evening, but I know she is a very busy lady with lots of boy and girlfriends. Max has been slow in responding to the buzzer and had a surly look to him. I have been in a bad hormonal mood for days (the ladies will understand!).

    ''Honey, get a pad and a pen and make notes as I talk, ok. No, you may not worship my feet.''

    ''Yes, goddess, is something wrong, ma'am?''

    ''Nothing is wrong. My mother is visiting from Monday and I need you to devise menus for her stay. It will be for five nights and she will be alone. I thought on the day of her arrival you could do your delicious Tuna Bake ok? You will need to prepare the first guest room, the one with the lovely view of the garden. I think the silky blue sheets. Get some fresh flowers too, ok?''

    ''Yes, goddess. Do you want me to keep out of your way or may I kiss and worship her feet? I love her feet when she takes her stinky pantyhose off after a drive from her home.''

    ''Pardon? Oh, we will see. It may be she will want some time with me to chat, alone. Don't worry she loves your foot worship. You know that, right?''

    ''Yes, ma'am. Thank you ma'am.''

    ''Carry on, Max.''

    Max devised a lovely menu for each day, which I approved. I asked him to bake some fresh bread, too. The flowers he bought were lovely yellow daisies. He is such good boy.

    As the weather is starting to get warmer I may allow him to wear a lighter uniform, something in pink, he has a lovely short summery frock in pink and violet. He looks so pretty.

    I am looking forward to my mommy's visit, but now I must put my skirt suit on and go to the office.

    As I change I realise why I am feeling so ratty and hormonal. I thought it was because of pressures at work but it is my monthly visitor (the ladies will understand).


  3. I love my sissy maid husband, Max. He is so sweet and obedient. Most of the things he is scolded for these days are attitude problems such as talking to me like an equal and not a goddess.

    He forgets sometimes and so must be corrected. Since last summer my job has taken me to Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and New York. I earn millions of dollars in revenue on these trips and they are very stressful. Max stays at home and keeps house for me.

    Max doesn't understand the stresses of my job and that is why he does or says the wrong thing on occasion. Last night I took him to bed and as he was kissing my pushy has asked if I really needed to go away next week to Dubai. He seemed to think it was a holiday.

    That ruined the sexy moment and I sent him to his room with smacked face.

    I do love him though. I think I need an Alpha man in my life.


  4. Oh some males – or notional males – understand the monthly visitor too, Ms Zoe. It's a very special time with a lot of special handwashing and occasionally some rather random beatings. But not so many boyfriend evenings, which is a plus.

    Best wishes


  5. Thank you, Ms Zoe. Max is fortunate to have someone take all the financial decisions in your household. I don't understand the first thing about financial markets, but then my pocket money wouldn't buy me very many futures anyway, I imagine. Plus, I rather prefer pasts. But what do I know?

    Best wishes


  6. Ah, my job takes me all over too, Ms Zoe. The laundry room, the bathroom, the queening chair. It's just go, go, go. Sometimes it's nice just to take a few hours with nothing to do but stare into the corner and wait to be beaten… I find that grounds me.

    Best wishes – and many thanks for all your lovely comments.


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