It’s all so calculating (she’s got a calculator)

You say you’ll never know him, he’s an unnatural man

It’s not the size anyway, it’s what you do with it.  And how many times.

He can say no, of course. As many times as he likes, actually.
She gets through boyfriends quite quickly, I’ve heard.  Must be a bit fickle, I suppose.  Shame, ‘cos she’s cute.

Looks good on her, don’t you think?  Better than on the donors, I expect.

Actually, there are lots of things they don’t approve of men doing. Good job you’ve got her to protect you.

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  1. "All the men died natural deaths" lack of oxygen through drowning/ asphixiation, massive blood loss, trauma, amputations, castration, multiple contusions extreme scarification of the flesh etc etc etc- Surely these are historically long established natural responses for the average human body to die from…SordideSentimentale (UK)

  2. Well, yes, I suppose death comes to us all and is just nature's way, I suppose.

    And what could be more natural than – for example – being beaten to death in a fit of rage, after ruining her best skirt by washing it on the wrong temperature?

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