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  1. I was sitting in a very long, boring geography lesson. The teacher, Mr Brook, droned on and on about ox-bow lakes and glaciers and such. I noticed every now and then he looked over to his Responsible Female. Alison, for her nod of approval.

    I was in a naughty mood and so I decided to ask a silly question.

    ”Yes Zoe, what is it.”

    ”Are you a virgin, Mr Brook?”

    ”Zoe, don’t ask silly questions. Ask about the subject, noy about me. OK?”

    ”Don’t you need Alison’s permission to refuse to answer? I think it is interesting to know about our teachers. Especially the male ones. We are all girls, so we don’t know how boys or men ‘tick’. Know what I mean?”

    There was a distinct sound of girls suppressing giggles and laughter at this. At least it put some spark into the lesson. We all looked to see what Alison would say.

    Alison: ”Mr Brooks, just answer yes or no. No need to be ‘silly’ is there?”

    ”But, Alison, it is not relevant to anything whether I am a virgin or not, surely?”

    ”Yes or no. Boy!!!”

    ”No Miss Zoe, I am not a virgin, OK?”

    The lesson continued.


    1. Very very interesting question !
      On a related subject, are women allowed to have more than one husband ? I’ve heard they are allowed four husbands and/or male slaves.

    2. Seems the female student might have a crush on the male teacher.
      Women sometimes have sexual and/or romantic fantasies

      1. They do, Alberto. And schoolgirls’ fantasies can be particularly naive, often involving non-survivable levels of violence and pain, so it’s good they have male teachers to try them out on.

        Best wishes


    3. Thank you, Ms Zoe

      Mr Brook might find his students’ attention less likely to wander, were he to try to relate his material to their interests. For instance, when he reaches lightning, he could bring out some electrdoes, strip off and let the class experiment with creating sparks. Ox-bow lakes are pretty challenging, I’ll admit – a quick Google suggests not much femdom porn in that area – but he could at least make it more interesting, for example by delivering the lesson with one ankle tied up to his ball-sack. There are so many ways in which young minds can be engaged, if you’re only prepared to try.

      Best wishes


  2. Why will he be beaten by that nymph in the woodshed? Surely he knows the laws. It just comes as natural to her.

    1. Good to hear from you, Mr G, nor can I. Sadly, my creative capacity to produce them is rather limited, though. Fortunately dead horses, like males, can be flogged for a remarkably long time.

      Best wishes


  3. I managed to read The English Governess recently (in reality it is not possible to find in most libraries; I had to read the ebook). It is a special and excellent novel but I did not much like the ending. I felt Richard’s marriage should have been more than a matter of endless dissolute sex, and that he should have made more of himself than had his libertine father. Maybe, after Glassco, Richard could have been one of the renowned Victorian poets? Also Richard’s vasectomy is anachronistic, which made me think for a shocked minute that the book would end with Harriet tricking him into castration.

    I didn’t masturbate to the story as I wear a device. Maybe your protagonist wears one of his own and so the librarian has nothing to worry about. Have a great evening.

    1. Thank you, Mr A. Well, it’s probably better for the other library users for you to read the ebook in privacy than read a slightly stained copy in the library itself. Or face a female librarian at the desk, to borrow it.

      Endings in femdom literature are difficult; one of the many reasons I find it hard to write longer pieces. Things have to get more extreme, which is fine if I’m writing ‘Serena and Alice’ as I can just end with a nice bit of violent and agonising death while the physical laws of the universe are overturned, but it’s trickier in a contemporary novel.

      Libertine father in An English Governess should definitely have ended up under someone’s lash. Ideally, something like the main male protagonist in the 1980s movie Education Anglaise, which is mostly a ‘lesbian schoolgirls being spanked for the pleasure of lustful older males’ movie but finishes with one of the schoolgirls growing up to be one of those males’ domme. Interestingly the cover for the British edition shows mainly this, very last and rather brief, scene, implying it’s a femdom movie… maybe femdom is more prevalent (or just more acceptable to censors?) than its unspeakable maledom counterpart.

      I wish there was more ‘classic femdom’ out there. Aklthoguh going all the way back to the Victorian stuff about birches and housemaids doesn’t do much for me… early to mid-20th is where my libido seems to be set.

      Many thanks for commenting. Best wishes


      1. I wasn’t bothered by Lovel the elder’s (Arthur’s) lifestyle but just felt Richard deserved to amount to greater things than his father. All that we know about Richard’s married life is that he doesn’t work and is always having sex with Harriet, and I had higher hopes for Richard than that. That said, I was satisfied everyone got a very happy ending.

        1. I imagine Richard would not agree with you on that, as I suspect those are the greatest things he aspires to (but then Richard’s wishes don’t necessarily count for much).

          Best wishes


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