Oh dear, I thought she might have forgotten about that little accident. Still, I expect she isn’t one to hold a grudge. It wasn’t her very best skirt.
She doesn’t like to hurt you any more than she has to.
Well, that doesn’t sound like much of a challenge for her. I hope she doesn’t get bored, poor thing.
I missed out on the era of corporal punishment in schools, but I guess we’re living through a golden age of corporal punishment outside them, so I’ve not done so badly.
Um… yeah. Listen, don’t take what she said to heart, OK? It’s barely noticeable. Really.

…and one I’ll call a bonus as there isn’t necessarily anything femdom about it:

14 thoughts on “Uxoraphobia”

  1. Sadly, 1st caption, is something that still happens today.
    It is indeed unfortunate, and unfair ,that still today some women feel that they must justify why their own boyfriends and husbands can’t cum.
    For the Goddess’s sake! Their OWN bfs and husbands.

    1. Yes indeed Maria.
      In modern times women have total sexual freedom. Choose with whom or abstain. Women are under no obligation to men. Men not allowed to pressure women.
      She is free, when she wants, to arouse men and thus to feel very desired. She has control over a man’s cumming. Thus men including alpha men will cherish her femininity and womanhood.
      Do you enjoy being a queen, Maria?

        1. You are free to have regular sex, lesbian sex, tongue and finger orgasms, use vibrators, abstain, etc.
          Meanwhile the man has greatly limited orgasms so he is crazy with desire for you. As a result he spoils you. He is under your spell. You are so desired. You’re treated as a queen by men even though you are not a queen legally.
          Female power over a man in a nutshell.

          1. I forgot to add that in some gynarchy societies women own their husbands and/or male slaves.

          2. Well, I am free and my bf never cums (I find insulting to use the word orgasm to describe what boys do , or don’t do in his case )

        2. Thank you, both.

          Yes, an orgasm is a privilege, not a right, as far as men are concerned. As my SO likes to remark, usually before a whipping, there doesn’t have to be a reason for everything. Men have these linear, simple minds in which good behaviour = orgasm whereas women can see the bigger picture, the inter-relationships between things and of course the sheer pleasure in watching the bastard suffer.

          Best wishes


  2. Last picture, candidate for starring in lesbian porn movie does not at all look like a lesbian.

    1. They rarely do, Alberto, they rarely do. One should never leap to assumptions about people. I once encountered this lady who looked like a lesbian straight out of some 1970s stereotype: short hair, dungarees, stocky build, no makeup… but it turned out that she was heterosexual with a very strong sadistic bent towards heavy pain play! Or at least, I assume she was, from her behaviour. So it just goes to show, doesn’t it?

      Best wishes


    1. Well, among other things,men are selfish , over obsessed with sex, and obviously smell bad lol

      1. Men scrub up clean enough, with the application of a stiff bath brush, and the same instrument can even be used to persuade them to clean themselves thoroughly, if required.

        Best wishes


  3. At home, to won’t stain Elsa’s tights, pantyhose, skirt or jeans, she wear a plastic apron for otk spankings.
    In case of accident I must lick the apron, of course smacks increase hurt much more!

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