The things you do that tease and hurt me bad

It’s the way you do the things you do to me.

Sounds like she’s making a lot of effort to make this relationship work – I hope you’re duly grateful.
Don’t worry about presuming on their hospitality. They have an obligation to take in any male travellers who wander their way. Only to take them in, you understand, not to let them out again.
Trouble is, you were planning to cook something special for your anniversary, weren’t you? Oh well, probably better another day anyway. The kind of guys she brings home don’t generally have sophisticated culinary tastes.
I tried going on a humiliatrix dinner-date with a pro-domme once but she decided it wasn’t working between us and left just after we’d ordered the food. So, really no different from an ordinary date… I felt a bit of a fool for paying her so much, to be honest.
Your explanation should include the words ‘laziness’ and ‘incompetence’.
Don’t worry, she won’t visit very often.

PS, fans of old British femdom mags and of quirky mainstream takes on our little hobby might be interested in Alf Garnett discusses Cruella, over on Mr Rogue-Hagen’s magnificent Cruella site. Alf Garnett was the British inspiration for Archie Bunker, for American ‘readers’: an old man satirising right-wing views in absurd ill-informed bigoted rants. Nowadays of course, our political leaders do that themselves, so there is no need for such stuff.

16 thoughts on “The things you do that tease and hurt me bad”

  1. It really hurts bad.
    I see women tossing out their men and moving together with much younger men. Apparently women like the young stuff.
    Meanwhile the young females become female fetales, preying on the rejected sad lonely men; draining their bank accounts, using them for promotions at work, and just teasing them for sport.
    Yes Señor Servitor, men are hurting in these times.

      1. That’s the point of a date.
        Even in a vanilla date, we tease, men pay,and in the end we decide if there is going to be sex.(usually we had decided that before the date)

        1. Yes women control the sex. A man is better off by not making a fool of himself in order to try to get sex. Just let it happen or not happen. You’ll have many more interests.

          1. Men can’t avoid making a fool of themselves, trying to get sex. Is their nature. And is good that way
            (And Is one of the many reasons why I would ban male masturbation)

          2. Thank you both. Yes, women control the sex: my SO, for instance, decides for each of us when we have sex and with whom, or what. As for the money, I wish I could offer to pay for her dates, but sadly she doesn’t give me enough pocket-money for that. I can save up, though to buy her little things.

            Best wishes


  2. 1st caption: Man, whatever the dude is doing to get beaten, he should like, stop it already. I don’t know, stop contradicting her, or giving her back chat. Kneel, kiss her feet, and greet her with a worshipful prayer as the mother church demands. Live up to the vows you made to worship, honor and obey her in all things for crying out loud.

    5th caption: Uh oh, dude is running out of excuses for slacking off in his daily household chores. He’s fumbling over his words, starting to sweat, with a fear boner, as she reaches for the belt in her drawer. Not sure how much more she’s willing to tolerate before she starts swinging it.

    Last Caption: “Don’t worry, she won’t visit very often.”

    She really should visit more often. I mean she isn’t going to pardon him of his sentencing for displaying “offensively un-submissive tendencies towards a woman”. Its a very serious offence, where no mercy is ever shown in any case I’ve heard of. But when she does come, maybe he can try begging and pleading a little more effectively for the hell of it, and vowing to show utter, complete obedience to the superior gender from here on out.

    1. Thank you, Squaw

      Yes, the men who so often mutely feature in these captions have only themselves to blame, but are so pig-headed that their ladies usually have to do the blaming for them. They should all be more grateful for ther sense of purpose the superior sex brings to their lives… I mean, imagine what we’d all do without women to keep us on our toes? Just laze around all day looking at porn on the Internet and masturbating, I expect. And would we enjoy that? Really, I mean?

      Best wishes


      1. Exactly, without women keeping us in line, we’d be without purpose or true direction.. If it requires a well smacked bottom for a woman to maintain order, so be it.

  3. Marginalia to the second caption: In Christianity it is actually not allowed for a man to voluntarily be castrated. This rule was in response to Origen who was believed (credibly) to have castrated himself so he would be able to teach Christianity to young women without being suspected of lust. Oddly enough the worst most modern commentators can say about Origen is that he self-castrated. He also believed the human soul to be spherical. I think we can conclude that these nuns are not the usual, Roman Catholic type.

    1. Origen sounds like a man (or a thing, anyway) before his time. Also, a proto-mathematician (“consider, for simplicity, a spherical soul…”).

      These nuns do indeed have certain doctrinal differences with the mainstream Catholic Church. They take a different view, for example, on the male priesthood, the importance of celibacy, the sinfulness or otherwise of lesbianism and the interpretation of most of the Bibilical injunctions against inflicting pain on other people, seeing them as being relevant primarily to females. Oh – and also the whole ‘exstence of Jesus and God the Father” thing, to be honest. It’s not clear why they continue to be affiliated to the Church at all, really, but tradition can be very powerful.

      They do look awfully fetching in latex, though and I think we can forgive them a few minor brutal transgressions for that.

      Best wishes


  4. Thinking about the topic you were talking in the other post, the divorce in new country (which I think is like a more advanced society).
    A divorced man should pay a big part of his future earnings to his ex wife (like it happens today, but maybe some more), if he doesn’t declare any earnings,then he should pay a minimum amount of money to her(this law should prevent men hiding earnings).
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